The Township of West New York addresses a considerable decline in the crime rate

The Township of West New York addresses a considerable decline in the crime rate. Mayor Roque, Commissioner Rodriguez and Police Director Antolos share details about what has worked to reduce the crime rate in the township by 26.7% from last year.


  1. Total BuLL Sh@t. The People of WNY that Live here know this to be another of Roque and his Gangs LIEs!!!

    Crime is not being reported as the Local Newspaper JJ does not want you to know either.

    Nice Try Roque!

  2. I feel safe at night knowing these 3 clowns are in-charge of my safety. What a joke Roque is. How does this guy look himself in the mirror everyday.

  3. Wow did this clown just say WNY is one of the safest towns in NJ,and that we will be no tax increase for 10yrs. lol this guy is a clown and the biggest lier ever…just like the FBI did not go to his office and just like he admitted on the stand to lying to the FBI then in his first interview with HCTV he says he’s an honest military man that always tells the truth….This guy got to be DELUSIONAL…..

  4. Please Mayor Roque and your people. Stop lying we know crime in West New York is out of hand and Police patrols are not around policing the streets. Stop with the Lies the people know whats the truth.

  5. Under man power is not even the word… how is it possible to have only 4 police officer patrol the whole town of WNY. Yes 4 cops only.

  6. Mayor, who are you kidding? The Gang problem in your town is out of control! Statistics?? Everyone has their own to suit them.

    Director Antolos they are referred to as Officers, not Cops. Show some respect Mr. Uribe does and he doesn’t lead them.