The Secaucus Boy Scout troop from which the mother of an allegedly transgender eight year old Cub Scout claims her child was expelled because she claims to be a transgender boy, has finally responded to HudsonTV’s press inquiries made last week when the story broke.

In the public interest, the full statement by email is printed below. We await a follow up response from the national organization.


Given the elevated interest in eligibility requirements for Scouting programs, we’d like to offer some clarification about who sets the requirements and how they are applied.

While individual packs and troops are locally-associated with community organizations, local councils and units, including the Northern NJ Council, are chartered by the national Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization.

This means that youth who register to participate in a Scouting program are registered as part of the national organization, which sets eligibility requirements for all councils and participating units.

As a result, all BSA councils and their units are not allowed to register anyone who is not eligible under the rules set forth by the national organization.

Decisions made regarding participant eligibility are made according to the national requirements – not at the local council or unit level.

Should you have any questions regarding the national policy, please send them to


  1. They should really remove the Boy Scouts non-profit status. If they want to act like this, they shouldn’t be allowed to operate under a non-profit status.

    • HE is being given the choice to be who HE wants to be. Gender isn’t something you just wake up and decide to change on a daily basis, not most of the time anyway. This child is happy, his parents support him, and anything beyond that is none of your business.

    • An 8 year old pretends to be a doctor should we let her preform surgery or superman let’s let her try to fly??? Kids at that age don’t know what they want and parents should be parents and guide them not agree with everything they imagine. People it’s much harder to say no to a kid cause it takes REAL parenting skills, that’s what I am questioning, putting your kid on every channel just for the sake of FAME, attention seeking people are the worst. Do you really think you are gonna change the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA. We can’t just think of one kid that is gender confused. Everyone’s situation is different.

    • Brandon Michael it’s everyone’s business if you putting it on social media and for the record you can’t always say yes to a child especially when the child is only 8 years old. That decision should be made by the child when he or she is old enough to understand what he or she is feeling.

    • Brandon Michael do you know them personally??? It’s all over the social media world buddy she made it OUR business, do you live in our town?? She should have kept her business private but she’s more interested in fame belive me THAT IS A FACT!! I have a gay nephew who I adore, he came out when he was 12 and we all support him 1000%, there’s a difference in age 7-8, my daughter pretended to be a cat when she was 6, 7 and 8 did I buy her a litter box or a fur coat NO, IT’S CALLED A PHASE.

    • Brandon Michael, you are absolutely correct about that, he will suffer but don’t judge ME I will never hurt anyone like him I don’t attack the weak sweet heart I help people like him at least 3 times a week I work with endocrinology and many more pediatric specialties one of the reasons why I see exactly what his poor example of his mother is trying to do. Do you see the father on TV?? And a fact he lives with them ask yourself why he is not on board with any of the media attention. Please don’t try to defend someone you know nothing about, do your homework before you try and save ” some poor family” I have a bunch of facts about her and it is sad, the child is allowed to roam around his complex alone unsupervised till 11pm at night sometimes, thats right!!, that should raise a huge flag in your brain. And again IT IS ATTENTION SEEKING ON THE MOTHERS SIDE, AND WHO KNOWS THE POOR KID DEFINITELY DOES NOT GET MUCH ATTENTION FROM HIS MOTHER. BUT NOW WHO KNOWS THE FAME MIGHT CHANGE THAT. PEOPLE LIKE ME??? I WOULDN’T HAVE PUT MY KIDS BUSINESS OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO JUDGE HIM/HER

  2. The bigger issue here is the terrible parents that let their child transgender. They should be put in jail!!!! Children are not fully developed mentally, physically, or sexually, so how could they possibly know if they want to be a boy or girl?? They don’t!!!!!!
    One day they want to be a Power Ranger, the next day they want to be a ballerina, we call this being a kid!!!! They don’t have a clue yet about that part of life, unless mom and dad are bringing things up in front of them that they shouldn’t be! If you want to put your child through a ton of emotional turmoil right from the beginning of their lives, and confuse the shit out of them then go ahead and encourage this nonsense. Children aren’t ready to make these types of decisions for themselves, this is totally fucking ridiculous. Shame on the Parents!!! They should be put in jail for child abuse, because that’s exactly what it is!!

    • The parents should be in jail because their child associates as a boy? In what entitled world do you live where you think your parenting style outweighs that of another parents?
      The parents did not decide for their daughter to be a boy. And clearly you have no idea how a transgender brain works. That child isn’t going through a phase. He cannot and will not identify as a female at any point in his life.
      These parents are doing what’s in the best interest of their child by letting him be himself.
      Maybe if you want to be a keyboard warrior, you should research the subject you’re fighting. Look up gender dysphoria and science articles to back it. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

  3. Actually, I’m really not suprised at the ignorance of people. They are obviously not “religious” because they would know there is only ONE judge. And they certainly lack compassion for anyone that does not fill their “profile” of how people should be. Their ideology is, “if your not like me”, your kicked to the curb, ousted, thrown to the wolves.
    Really people……perhaps your not aware that “YOUR NOT PERFECT”. EXACTLY WHO ARE YOU TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON THIS INNOCENT CHILD JOE AND HIS PARENTS. Crawl back under the rock you came from, it’s no concern of yours and does not affect your life. No one cares how you feel or what you think. If you cannot refrain from saying something nice, positive or encouraging say nothing at all. You are after all part of the problem.
    Love you Joe and Kristie! Keep up the fight for justice !