Trio arrested for possession of weed, Ecstasy and PCP

They were hanging out in front of 619 Adams Street and all three appeared to be under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

As Hoboken detectives drove past the location Sunday evening, they saw Brittany Gwinnett, 28, of Hoboken lighting a brown leaf cigar, which she started smoking.

Upon further investigation, the officers caught a strong chemical odor consistent with PCP.

While speaking with another defendant, Crystal Rodriguez, of Hoboken — she dropped a small leafy brown cigar onto the ground.

The 29-year-old confirmed that she had a blunt containing PCP.

As they spoke with Brandon Eckhardt, of Jersey City, he motioned to the officers that he had a cigarette box in his front right side pants pocket with a clear plastic ziplock bag containing pot dipped in PCP.

The 27-year-old also had one Ecstasy tablet in the box.

The trio was arrested and taken to headquarters, where officers discovered Gwinnett had four outstanding warrants from three different municipalities for traffic offenses.

Eckhardt was charged with possession of the narcotics and transported to Hudson County Correctional Facility pending his detention hearing.

Rodriguez was given a court date and released on a summons.

Gwinnett was also given a court date and released on a summons, then provided new court dates for her outstanding warrants.

All three were charged with possession of marijuana, possession of Ecstasy, possession of PCP and bail jumping.