Credit: MintPress News

The New York Primary on April 19th, resulted in a win for Donald Trump on the Republican side, a victory for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, and a lawsuit regarding recent voter purge in New York.

According to google, Donald Trump won by a landslide snagging 60.5% of the votes and winning 89 pledged delegates. Kasich won 25.1% of the votes and won only 3 delegates, and Cruz won 14.5% of the vote and was awarded 0 delegates. New York only awards the Republican side 95 pledged delegates, it is unclear how the remaining 3 delegates will be divided.

On the Democratic Side, google reports that Clinton won 57.9% of the votes and was awarded 139 pledged delegates. Sanders won 42.1% of the votes and was awarded 106 delegates. There are 2 delegates, of the 247 delegates that NY awards to Democrats, which remain to be distributed.

Donald Trump said, “We don’t have much of a race anymore,” regarding his victory. Fox news agreed that the results don’t favor Ted Cruz who will have “no mathematical chance of clinching the nomination before the Republican convention in July.” Although Fox did not agree that the nomination was decided for, stating that “Trump could still end up short of the needed 1,237 [pledged delegates].”

According to CNN, after the NY Primary, Clinton has now secured 1,443 pledged delegates to Sanders’ 1,183 pledged delegates. The current superdelegate support is 487 for Clinton, and 40 for Sanders, a number that could shift for either candidate as we near the convention. Clinton is currently leading Sanders with a 260 pledged delegate advantage. Superdelegates amp up her lead to a 707 delegate difference.

During the New York Primaries, there were reports of 126,000 Democratic voters from Brooklyn being purged and losing their ability to vote, according to the NY Daily News. New York has a closed primary which means that voters interested in voting in the primaries must be affiliated with the party that they wish to vote for. The deadline to change parties for this election cycle was October 9th of 2015, a deadline that left many voters disenfranchised before they had the opportunity to decide what party, or even what candidate, they would be voting for.

Those who were registered as Democrats, also lost their ability to vote when they were purged by the Board of Elections who decided to take voters off of the rolls because of “inactivity,” or “change of address,” said Board of Elections Executive Director Michael Ryan.

An Emergency Voter Suppression Lawsuit was filed in New York by Election Justice USA representing at least 300 different people on the day of the primary, according to Election Justice USA’s Spokesperson, Shyla Nelson. According to The Young Turks, many New Yorkers waited in line at their local court house so that their individual case could be evaluated and they could regain their right to vote in the New York Primaries. The lawsuit was moved to a later date in order to allow each of the respective counties involved in the voter purge an opportunity to send representation to defend their case.

Senator Sanders spoke out against the purge saying that, “It is absurd that in Brooklyn, New York … tens of thousands of people as I understand it, have been purged from the voting rolls.” The Clinton Campaign has yet to comment.