Trump is Heavily Unpopular in New Jersey, According to an FDU Poll

President Donald Trump’s popularity in New Jersey is plunging, according to a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll out this week.

Hillary Clinton beat Trump by a 54.4% to 41.5% margin in November, with turnout being high at 68% of registered voters. That is a 13% gap for Trump. That gap may be wider now, based on the poll results.

Trump is viewed favorably by only 28% of New Jersey residents, but unfavorably by 61%, for a negative gap of -33%. 

In certain demographics, Trump is running even worse. Trump is viewed favorably by only 5% of Democrats (88% unfavorable) and 23% of independents (57% unfavorable). Meanwhile, he is viewed unfavorably by 66% of women, 70% of all voters under the age of 35 and 80% of non-whites.

The only group tested which has a positive view of Trump’s presidency so far? It’s Republicans, of whom 72% have a favorable view of Trump, with 16% having an unfavorable view.

The poll claims a margin of error of 3.8% and sampled 816 adults across the state.

The actual poll results can be accessed here