Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and its contractors have provided updated information about the construction around the Exit 14A toll plaza.

In the toll plaza itself, reconstruction is continuing on Lanes 11 and 12.  Renovation work is moving ahead at the existing toll plaza building. 

On the ramps between the toll plaza and the Hudson County Extension, widening construction is complete to the extent possible and the final alignment has been implemented.  Asphalt resurfacing of the ramps will take place this year.

At the northern end of Avenue E by the traffic roundabout, deep foundation construction is continuing in dedicated work zones.  During the week of February 27, steel will be erected over the northern end of Avenue E.  Traffic detours will be necessary, due to the presence of a crane and overhead construction materials.  In about two weeks, work will start on new bridge piers (columns). 

Traffic has been shifted to the new connector bridge between the toll plaza and Port Jersey Boulevard.  Demolition of the old bridge is continuing over Route 440 near Pulaski Street.  Some demolition work has been done overnight. Overnight noise from the demolition is expected to be done by Friday, February 17.  At the Route 440 and Pulaski Street intersection/jughandle area, jughandle ramp construction, bridge pier (column), and deep sewer construction are continuing.

In the ramp area east of Route 440, road construction is continuing on the new connector ramps. Deck construction is progressing on the ramp bridge over Pulaski Street.