Turnpike Update: New Roundabout to Change Traffic On East 51st, 52nd, and 53rd Streets


Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and its contractors have provided new information to the City of Bayonne about the reconstruction of the area around the 14A toll plaza. 

On or about March 6, 2016, eastbound 53rd Street will be reopened between Broadway and Avenue E, two months ahead of schedule.  Two-way traffic will resume going in and out of Bayonne.  Access to the toll plaza will be restored via the new traffic roundabout south of 52nd Street.  Motorists can follow the roundabout to the toll plaza or continue south on Avenue E.

Access to East 52nd Street will only be available via southbound Avenue E. 

East 51st Street will be a right turn only onto southbound Avenue E.  Direct access to northbound Avenue E and the toll plaza will no longer be available from East 51st Street.  Deep foundation work will continue at Avenue E and 51st Street.

The last turn for motorists on northbound Avenue E will be at East 50th Street. 

At the northern end of Avenue E, deep foundation work continues in dedicated work zones.  New bridge column and pier cap construction will move ahead.  Roadway drainage, lighting, signals, and pavement construction will proceed.

            In the toll plaza, temporary canopy lighting is being installed.  New east toll lane construction is continuing. Renovation work is going forward at the existing toll plaza building. 

Drainage and other utility work will move ahead on Pulaski Street.  Temporary traffic signals have been installed. The new signals are expected to be activated. Deep foundation construction will continue for the new flyover bridge to southbound Route 440.  Deep foundation construction will begin for the new connector bridge.

            In the ramp area east of Route 440, ground work continues, including the installation of concrete columns and a new embankment. A mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall is under construction.  New abutment construction will continue.

            At the ramps between the toll plaza and the Hudson County Extension Bridge, widening work is still in progress.  Local street-level work on Kennedy Boulevard, Avenue C, and Garfield Avenue will continue.  Some lane closures will be required. Single daytime lane closures will be used. Work is proceeding on a new variable message sign at the base of the Newark Bay Bridge.