TV on Wheels Owner Nearly Thrown out of West New York Special Meeting Regarding Sign Ordinance

TV on Wheels owner Nearly Thrown out of West New York Special Meeting Regarding Sign Ordinance. Many residents came forward to express their displeasure about the controversial ordinance..


  1. I still do not understand Why Mr Roque is affraid of FREEDOM of know it is kinda scarey Now when I think about his Indictment it seems to come together?

  2. Chuck,

    Just sign the contract with Roque.

    Your career in politics won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

    See Pablo Fonseca (3:19) He loves his job.

  3. Residents, what did you expect Indicted Roque to do?
    Create jobs,lower taxes, clean up the streets,reduce crime,
    just go ask Pablo Fonseca because these crazy ordinances
    pay him his salary and pays Gil Garcias legal bills.
    Pay up and shut up residents!

  4. this administration is composed of mostly outsiders, I don’t understand what the problem with Roque is he is so concern about Mr. Betancourt living in Ridgefield or West New york, right before the recall Roque used to live in Fort Lee, Wiley in North Bergen, Frias in Boston, that leaves Vargas and Caridad,and in this case Vargas is like a Picture on the wall and Caridad like a turtle she senses trouble and hides in her shell. Great Town Leaders we have

  5. Roque-indicted, Silvio-almost indicted, now Pablo Fonseca-indicted?

    Richie Rivera we all thought you bite down on the cheese and now
    your joining them! Maybe your next

  6. yes Mr Johnson I actually expected them to do something lol but I guess not.the indictments are coming,these people are being very blatant with their disregard to the residents but everyone is seeing it little by little.