Two Hoboken Men Arrested During a Heroin Transaction

While in the area of 2nd and Adam Streets, Officer William Bullock and Officer David DiMartino observed what they believed to be a hand-to-hand currency/drug transaction. They observed Rodriguez hand Seriale a small object and Seriale hand Rodriguez currency in return. They approached both suspects. Officer DiMartino approached Rodriguez and as he did, Officer DiMartino observed Rodriguez removing a zip lock bag from his vest pocket and attempted to conceal it inside his pants. Once Officer DiMartino stopped Rodriguez, Officer DiMartino was overwhelmed by a strong order of CDS Marijuana. Officer DiMartino was able to retrieve the zip lock bag which contained 55 wax folds believed to contain CDS Heroin. Search incident to Rodriguez’s arrest, he was found to be in possession of 1 large zip lock bag containing suspect CDS Marijuana and $146.00 dollars believed to be proceeds from sales.

Officer Bullock approached Seriale, who was walking away from them. Officer Bullock observed Seriale holding a white object in his hand and as Seriale observed Officer Bullock approaching, Seriale tried to unsuccessfully hide the white object in his pocket which instead fell to the ground. Seriale continued walking away from Officer Bullock and eventually stopped a short distance away. When back up officers arrived, Officer Bullock was able to retrieve the white object and discovered it was 10 wax folds believed to be Heroin. Both parties were transported to Hudson County Rehabilitation Facility after being processed.

Arrestee#1: Jose Rodriguez 25 from Hoboken was charged with:
– Sale of CDS Heroin
– Sale of CDS Heroin 1000FT of School
– Sale of CDS Heroin 500FT of Park
– Poss. CDS Heroin WITD
– Poss. CDS Heroin WITD 1000FT of School
– Poss. CDS Heroin WITD 500FT of Park
– Poss. CDS Marijuana
– Poss. CDS Paraphernalia

Arrestee#2: Matthew Seriale 38 from Hoboken was charged:
– Poss. CDS Heroin
– Poss. CDS Paraphernalia

Arrest Date: Monday, November 18, 2019 at 7:58pm
Officers Involved: P.O. William Bullock and P.O. David DiMartino


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