Two Men Arrested in Hoboken During Alleged Drug Transaction

Arrestee 1: Brian Agosto age 31 of Hoboken

Charges: Distribution of CDS Heroin, Distributions CDS Heroin 500 feet of Park. Distribution of CDS Heroin 1000 feet of School, Distribution CDS Crack Cocaine, Distribution CDS Crack Cocaine 500 feet of Park, Distribution CDS Crack Cocaine 1000 feet of School

Arrestee 2: Giovanni Gallo age 42 of Wayne

Charges: Possession of CDS Heroin, Possession of CDS Crack Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Officers Involved: Sgt. William Collins, Detective Anthony Hochstadter, and PO Fabian Quinones

Details: At about 5:20 PM Street Crimes Unit Supervisor Sgt. William Collins observed Gallo in the area of Third and Garden Streets. Gallo was then approached by Agosto and the two began walking together. Agosto handed Gallo an item and Gallo in return handed Agosto money and then they walked separate ways. Due to Sgt. Collin’s training and experience he believed he had just witnessed a hand to hand drug transaction. Sgt. Collins followed Gallo while Det. Hochstadter and PO Quinones attempted to stop Agosto. Upon observing the police, Gallo placed the suspected CDS Heroin onto the ground which was later determined to be (30) wax folds of Heroin, 1 small plastic bag of crack cocaine, and a glass pipe commonly used to smoke CDS Crack Cocaine. Agosto was stopped a short distance away and placed under arrest. He was found to be in possession of $99.00 in us currency, believed to be the proceeds of the drug transaction. The charges for the arrestees were placed on warrants and they were both remanded to the Hudson County Rehabilitation Facility.



  1. That doesnt add up. Hoe is Agosto being charged with distribution of all that but onlyhad 99 dol on him!! Thats all bullshit!

  2. Can we see the arrest picture so we know what he looks like when he is walking around the streets with Heroin?

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