A Jersey City man was arrested Saturday morning over the Memorial Day weekend 
for shoplifting body spray from a local ACME supermarket.

An employee at the store told Hoboken Police about someone who placed items in 
a backpack and then attempted to leave.

Those items: 10 Axe body spray canisters valued at $5.50 each.

Manuel Bermudez was stopped by an officer before exiting the store.

He placed his bag on the ground and the canisters fell out.

The 46-year-old was placed under arrest and given a summons for a court appearance.


And on Saturday afternoon at the same ACME, another shoplifter took nine boxes of 
Advil and one box of Tylenol totaling $100.99, and put the items inside his pants to conceal them.

Daniel Schrier, 43, of Union City was stopped by Loss Prevention prior to exiting, arrested and given a summons for a court appearance.