Two nabbed for dealing drugs near school. Juan Salgado and Gary Danchise are arrested for the manufacture and delivery of marijuana they were selling out of the apartment they share on Granton Avenue.



  1. How does a reputable TV Station tell false stories before a trial is held. Seems to myself you are just attention seeking, low life liars as I am one of the accused. FYI for self medicating and NO I was not released on ROR . This is detrimental to my case and cannot get a fair trial because of your FRIVOLOUS commentary. Karma is a wonderful thing!
    I also have the building manager whom can attest that i live at this residence alone. God Bless you too!!!!

  2. What a waste of tax payers money. Someday when our governer grows up and puts down his cosmopolitan he will realize that imprisoning people for weed is just plain unfair. Alcohol kills. From car accidents to liver disease alcohol is by far worse that weed. Alcohol and tobacco are the true gateway drugs and the most lethal. Alcohol is the number one cause of death in traffic accidents and primary cause of liver cancer. Tabacco kills millions every year. Weed helps sick people eat without nausea, sleep without pain, and live a little better life during and after chemotherapy.
    WEED also has help children with seizures… but not in NJ because of our governor in his infinite wisdom doesn’t think children should be permitted to have a single seizure free day in thier sometimes short lives.
    But this too will come pass, weed will be legal… it could practically end this “recession” it’s common sense. Just think of all jobs it would create from growers to FDA inspectors an everyone in between.(electricians, plumper, research scientists, doctors, dispensary etc) AND THE TAX REVENUE CREATED.
    Weed is safer than all other drugs, especially pharmaceuticals. Half the state is on Viccodin, percoset and Oxy. All of which are highly addictive and almost impossible to quit. Death from those substances are rising every year, because cops are chasing thier tails and waisting our tax money chasing a weed . Year after year, decade after decade, millennium after weed does not kill. Smoking it is bad for your lungs of coarse. Worse when some drug Lord in Mexico decides what pesticides and who know what else on his product. Regulation will make it way safer.
    So long story short weed should be legal just like alcohol. Smoking it should not be encourage though. Vaping or baking or extraction method eliminates this carcinogen reducing risk to near null and should be considered. Just like God in heaven intended. Clean and green cures for many people and happy low risk recreational alternative to alcohol for all above 21 . Its wrong to persecute a man for medicating himself with one God’s gifts to us. When will all grow up and figure this out. If drink you gotta support those who use weed. It’s only fair. Education, education, education will set us free.

  3. Law suits for yourselves will be forthcoming thanks for defaming me and let’s not forget DET Mendez whom will also be part of the suit.
    Officers should be COLLEG grads as DET Mendez does not know 4th amendment rights!!! See you in court

  4. Mr. Salgado, we only report on what we are told. would you be able to go on camera and tell your side of the story? Please contact us if willing to go on the record at 201 815 8111

    • My 4th amendment rights are violated as search warrant was for someone else however they used my address ? Gary is a friend whom was visiting, they waited for Gary to knock on my door then arrested him? Had he lived here he would have a key also all the North Bergen Police had to do before exploding into my apt. Was to go to building manager and ask however their over zealousness they did not go to Gary’s home but rather my home throwing my guest to the floor and did not knock or show me their intentions.
      They took my rent monies,SSI monies and my mothers inheiritence $$$ which was 1500 mom passed last Aug