Hudson County Corrections Officer was at two different bars before and after fatal hit and run

Channel 7
A Hudson County corrections officer had been drinking when he plowed into two local Republican leaders two weeks ago outside the Coach House Diner, who died later from the injuries, according to an assistant county prosecutor.
The officer apparently continued drinking after the accident, according to investigators’ findings released in a Hudson County court this week reported, and was still way over the legal limit when arrested nearly nine hours after the accident. In the accident at around 8 pm on April 2nd outside North Bergen‘s landmark Coach House Diner, 57-year-old Republican county vice chair Russell Maffei and 80-year-old Assembly candidate Marie Tauro were killed.
The officer, 38-year-old Michael Hansen of North Bergen, registered a blood alcohol concentration of 0.27 when he was arrested at the house of family members early the following morning, and county investigators determined Hansen had been drinking both before and after the accident. In New Jersey, a person is guilty of drunk driving if he or she has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or greater and operates a motor vehicle.
County prosecutors upgraded charges to two counts of vehicular homicide (Death By Auto), a county judge, Paul DePascale, has released the corrections officer on bail and restricted him from driving, but not from drinking. Hansen had initially been charged by the county Prosecutor’s Office only with leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest.
According to some lawyers HudsonTV spoke with, the purpose of bail is not to punish a suspect but to ensure his or her reappearance at subsequent court appearances, and a suspect not considered a flight risk may be granted bail.


Video of the incident can be seen below shared on Channel 7.



  1. Smh!!! People are so damm desperate while driving!! Just a few min ago on 32nd and kennedy blvd by Mcdonalds I was the 2nd car in line waiting for the green light, and the light change for us to go, we started heading straight and between the 1st car and my car another white vehicle ran the red light and by inches missed both of our cars…. and he sped off down 31st and Kennedy!!! He didn’t even care or stopped

  2. So the surveillance video shows the 2 individual were crossing the street but couldn’t identify the cars plate! wow maybe they should improve on having cameras captures the vehicle plate.

  3. NB and Union City has the worst F*ing drivers. They run red lights all day long. Drive through JFK in the morning and no one stops for a school bus stop sign. Which boggles my mind how they get their license at first???

  4. This tragedy saddens me. Unfortunately for my ex coworker who made a poor and indecent decision to leave the scene of the accident he will not only serve time but he will be frown upon from his coworkers. Knowing him I will say this incident has traumatized and ruined many lives. I know though it will not return these two loved ones back to their families the person responsible will forever pay in his heart, mind and soul for I know truly inside he is not a monster but a lost soul. RIP and I pray for all families involved.

  5. My condolences to the family. Everytime I drive on Kennedy Blvd. I do it at the speed limit which is 25 m.p.h., some people blow their horns, tailgate, cut me off etc. Almost no one wants to drive slow or the speed limit.

  6. What is that, like 10 deaths in the past year on Kennedy between 1st n 32nd street? Suicide highway!! Think changes are necessary at this point!!