U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman: Re-entry into society must begin in jail. Fishman was the morning keynote speaker at Jersey City’s Prisoner Re-entry Conference at St. Peter’s University on Thursday.


  1. YES I AGREE WE NEED 2 STart 2 recrute startin n jails & prisons i gave 5 yrs of my self 2 help recrute aditutes n drug dealings n drug abuse counciling n the *tully house 1* n i felt it realy helped n im proud tht bill mc greevey is duin the sAme.but how can we recute better? We need more funds 2 du so…..MS COLON VASQUEZ…

  2. More needs to be done! The system is broken and tired. It becomes a revolving door for way too many ex-prisoners because the system we have now does not stop that from happening. The system sets them up for failure…….