U.S. Senator Bob Menendez held a press conference at the Union City Day Care Center to highlight his record and assure residents he is standing up for women throughout New Jersey.


  1. Menendez has just been exposed as traveling to the Dominican Republic on Easter on taxpayer’s dime to solicit underage prostitutes. What a dirty, disgusting old pig.

  2. This SOB must reisgn now for employing a known sex offender and not turning him over to authorities, screw this illegal loving ass hole!

  3. A CORRUPT, STATUTORY RAPIST, speaking about standing up for women, in a taxpayer funded children’s day care center… Now that’s “JERSEY FRESH”… Then again, it’s really no surprise for New Jersey… Sen. Bob Torricelli was a crook, Gov. Jim McGreevey was a poo poo packer, Sen./Gov. Jon Corzine misplaced a billion dollars and now a statutory rapist! Keep this up and you’ll surpass New York and California, as the states with the dumbest progressive voters!