UC Housing Authority unsettled by Former Interim Attorneys Appearance in Front of a Grand Jury

UC Housing Authority unsettled by Former Interim Attorneys Appearance in Front of a Grand Jury. Chairman Marty Martinetti has it out with board attorney Julio Morejon.


For more footage of this video see the video below.



  1. Marty Martinetti is a complete dope. How does and uneducated clown like Martinetti become a chairman of a federal housing authority.

  2. Poor Julio Morejon having to suffer a fool (Martinetti).

    Jesus, what a f..ing moron.

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    It’s better to give then take Unkle Fester.

  4. Mr. Johnson you are a complete a-hole, you stupid idiot you spelled uncle (unkle) wrong. What a jerkoff.

      • Correction:

        “Stupid Idiot” is a neoplasm (the use of more words or word parts than neccessary, i.e. black darkness.)

        An example of an oxymoron would be an “intelligent idiot”

        I stand corrected.

        Union City Strangler vs. Union City Strangler (2)

          • Gary,

            You’re a wife beater with a rap sheet that causes public disturbances.

            Please don’t talk about guns.

            Thank You.

          • “Wife beater???” This is a family blog!
            No need to discuss my wife & my predeliction for Ruff Sex!
            Can I invite U & ure significant other over for dinner?
            Tant pis, U wud have to reveal ure true identity!
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            There R 2 r’s in garry…please!

  5. …A momentary digression from reality? for this blog…Type this in ure browser…Pleonasms, Redundancies & Redundant Phrases
    They left out my favorite!
    Whole Wide World. Makes the place seem more complete, no?
    Now back to reality…
    I do not know how old the jokesters who write on this blog R…
    But Janice & I R oldsters…
    I lived in…”Opie (Taylor) Land off of Ward Cleaver Blvd…” Secaucus.
    But this world is GONE…That is why she & I R…or really…merely appear to be malcontents now a days…
    What has replaced it?
    Rule, not by the 1%…That wud be tolerable…even enviable! but by the 1% of the 1%!
    Courtesy of AOLNews this AM…
    Video Showing the Huge Gap Between Super Rich and Everyone Else Goes Viral
    This is my Crusade/Jihad in North Hudson County.
    Remember when Barack tried to speak…too much truth to The People (in Pennsylvania);
    “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”
    But let’s not be pessimistic!
    Recognizing the problem can be 90%…er….99% of the way to the solution.
    As in WE R the solution!
    We R economically distressed in this burg not because of our own failings or the failings of “government” per se.
    It is because there is an oligarchy that controls $$$, Gov, the media etc…
    But let’s not despair.
    …Think Globally But Act Locally.
    When U read ure paper about Europe, the Troika & Austerity.
    That is just the truth writ large.
    When we 99%ers all start smelling the coffee & say hey…
    The Emperor has no clothes…
    Kosmic Karma will happen faster than the speed of lite!
    or as the more appropriate idiom wud be around here…
    Faster than Stink on Shit.

    Ure turn to shit in ure diaper, UCS!!!

    • “Garry”

      Just (1) month ago you were railing against jitney busses at the Union City Commissioner’s meeting. This seems antithetical to your self-proclaimed crusade against the 1%, since you were caught on camera advocating for the demise of local area small businesses.

      You’re also in support of the unconstitutional sign ordinance in West New York, which not only would hurt small businesses, but restrict the citizenry from voicing their displeasure over the 1%er in charge (Roque).

      You’re a patsy for the rich and powerful and don’t even know it. Get back to your regular doseage, STAT.

  6. I R a “union man!” {IWW} Workers cannot engage in a race to the bottom!
    I believe since there R union men driving these routes; they shud be considered a “Closed Shop!”
    My remarks on signs were entirely off the cuff. It is not an issue I have looked into —- at all! I will defer to ure superior knowledge on that!
    Hear that rich & powerful! I’m ure Patsy!!!
    Am waiting for gov Christie to stop stifling Med Marijuana…
    Then I will get back to my regular tokeage!
    Although going under a psuedonym U R NOT Entitled to a response; I will reply for my fellow patsies!

  7. “Garry”

    Self-victimization is another Stack trait.

    You guys are like peas in a pod.

    Maybe if you share some of that stuff that you’re smoking with him, that would calm his temper.

    Be a good patsy, and offer him a toke at the next meeting.