UCCCG Leader Emilio Del Valle Claims to not getting any answers from Mayor Stack

UCCCG Leader Emilio Del Valle Claims to not getting any answers from Mayor Stack.


  1. Emillio Del Valle…good friends with Paul Swibinski…Count Wiley…Rick Shafton…all work or friends of Sacco…Hmmmm?

  2. The federales will need to open up a satellite office within city hill by the time all of this is said and done.

    Maybe they’ll bring along a microphone and speaker system with them and loan it to the city, so that it can conduct meetings in a more professional manner, as opposed to these little mickey mouse rubber stamp sessions that the Mayor had been accustomed to over the last 12 years.

    Or Maybe Stack’s civic association, or the patronage mill that he calls Union City First could donate one?

    Either way, its curtains, i say.

  3. LOL! You are such a fool…we all know who pays you and your Geriatric Concerned thugs…Nicholas J. Sacco!

  4. By Agustin C. Torres/The Jersey Journal

    — Better luck for the Concerned Citizens of Union City, who swear an alleged colorful incident involving perennial target Stack is true. Unfortunately, other than a North Bergen incident report taken by police where someone claims they were accosted by the very highest official of a neighboring city, there have been no charges filed. We’re waiting for the alleged court date — tap, tap, tap.

    We are all laughing at you!

  5. By Agustin C. Torres/The Jersey Journal

    In this nearly decade-old feud, the North Bergen mayor’s attacks on Stack have been more sophisticated. He supports some Stack opponents by repackaging them as “civic” organizations. One outfit is called the Concerned Citizens of Union City and the other is Moving Hudson County Forward

  6. The only thing I will argue with Augie on this is the use of the word sophisticated….You sound like a uneducated, ghetto trash thug.

  7. Is that the best you got old man…a typo! Awwww I hit a nerve old man! Please explain what a FEWL means counselor…inquiring minds want to know….

    Wow Sacco was scraping the bottom of the barrel when he hired you.

  8. One more thing old man you can keep spreading lies about Mayor Stack but the truth will come out about you and the Geriatric Concerned Thugs.

  9. According to a third police report, video footage from Scheutzen Park’s security system showed no altercation taking place from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., when it was supposed to have occurred, and no footage showed Stack in the vicinity of where it was alleged to have taken place.

    Read more: Hudson Reporter – Assault charge filed against Mayor Stack

    • Mr. Fire in the pants.

      What is really going on with this guy?

      Its all lies, but now Stack needs to postpone the hearing. The mayor and his “hotshot” attorney, need to know, first and foremost: which videotapes and documents will be produced during discovery, before entering a plea?

      The police incident report was not enough assurance, along with his denials and claims that Sacco is framing him?

      Come on Sherlock. To quote a “ghetto rapper, thug poet” Nas:


      • Hey Mr. Nothing In His Pants….It figures that $acco’s Geriatric thugs would be quoting ghetto trash rap! LOL! You people are making yourselves look like fools.

        PS….I hear the AG agent that took down $acco’s guys are watching you too!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha…you all are going down with the fat guy!!


  11. Awwwwwww are you getting upset because I am right….Hey guess what? The Feds are watching you and the Geriatric Ghetto Gang and then we will see who is subpoenaed! Ha ha the truth hurts…you know that what I am saying is true….

  12. What is this guy trying to be the next unkle fester (adams family)
    give it a break unkle fester your trying to get your own agenda
    out of an assault victim and have you guys even reached out and
    tried to help this man.

  13. Emilio does not even care about this guy or the community..he only cares about $acco’s agenda and making money from the Cuban Parade.

  14. Who in the hell does Emilo think he is” mayor Stack does not have to answer any of his STUPID questions in fact he talks like he just got off a banana boat he talks with a twisted mouth & makes no sense we the people all know were he is coming from another phony pupit & WANABEE NOBODY…Do you really look at his face you can tell he so PHONY..