About one hundred Union Workers from 32BJ rallied in Jersey City with a message for Trump and his partners. They marched around Trump Plaza twice, chanting and protesting what they feel is an unfair situation in their city. They hope that through protest they can convince Trump Plaza and other partner hotels to respect the workers’ right to be in a Union.


  1. Didn’t understand it!! They never actually gave facts or a point!! What do they want and expect from their union? What are they asking for? Do they not have a pay raise? Do they not have full benefits? How would trump fix this or control this is, if they stated it was sold off to a corporate?

    • Was thinking the same thing!!! Either way this is pointless and actually stupid!!! Be grateful you have a job and you’re probably getting paid good money!!! The one lady knew to correct herself about healthcare- made it a point to state it was very good healthcare!! I know if it were me in charge seeing this, they’d all be fired for it!!!