Union City, along with the Red Cross, Address Local Fire Problems


On April 2nd of 2016 at 9 AM, dozens of volunteers, members of the Red Cross, Fire fighters, and Union City Officials gathered at Bruce Walter Recreation Center to install fire alarms around the city. The Red Cross reached out to Union City as part of a 5-year Nation Wide initiative to install free fire alarms, replace old or faulty fire alarms, and replace fire alarm batteries.

Union City is now the nation’s most densely populated city, which makes it even more susceptible to wild spreading fires.

One reason for disastrous fires in Union City has been the community’s hesitance at getting the fire department involved. Many residents try to resolve the issue on their own before dialing for help.

Another reason is that many homes are not conscious of fire exits and don’t have smoke alarms.

Union City, along with the Red Cross and its volunteers, hope that installing fire alarms will raise awareness and save lives.