Union City and Jersey City residents gather for Washington Park Vigil

Union City and Jersey City residents gather for Washington Park Vigil. Residents expressed discontent over 30 trees being removed from the park to make way for a regulation size soccer field.



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    1. Thanks to everyone who spoke up for the park trees: old but healthy. Have heard that the trees were already dead but looking at them it’s obvious they were alive. Sap flowed and the branches going through the chipper was a steady green. The trunks were stripped down and readied for the sawmill. Maybe a handful, if that, showed signs of decay but as was pointed out these trees survived hurracane force winds. Trees of this age, 80 years, are rare in Union City, and it’s a shame another location was not found to spare these unique trees.
      Even the pro-Stack supporter toward the end, stated that consideration should have been shown these big trees.
      I agree with another speaker, the trees need to be replenished and this kind of tree cutting in a public park (county owned, city leased) should “never happen again.”
      I appreciated that the Union City Neighborhood Association gave people an opportunity for closure and to air their views freely.