Union City Board of Commissioners ease up on video taping restrictions.  Union City Concerned Citizens Group does not get a straight answer on whether or not Commissioner Chris Irizarry is resigning.


The following is the complete footage of meeting. Please note that due to lack of audio support provided by the City of Union City, some parts of video may have audio issues.


  1. Unkle Fester, how come when you worked for Union City you never
    brought up these problems?
    Seems that Unkle Fester doesn’t get a weekly pay-day anymore
    from Union City and NOW the Town is dirty and falling apart.
    Unkle Fester guys like you are the problem not the solution.
    Gary Pollack for Commissioner

  2. Mr Johnson, if nominated I will not run & if elected I will not serve;
    Besides I am now an NB voter…was going to settle in UC (formerly a Secaucusin…like Ray Mitchell!!)But decided I wud be more useful to North Hudson County in the swamp/meadowland or more accurately political sewer that NB has become under the ongoing criminal enterprise being run by capo d’tuti Nick Sacco…
    If Chris does resign, give his position to Mr Alonzo!
    Then every time he starts to open his STUPID! mouth the town attorney can tell him to go Recuse himself!!!

    • Garry,

      You’re a living, breathing, punchline.

      Every court needs its Jester. You’re quite literally “that guy.” Thats about as far up the totem pole as you’re going to get in “North Hudson County.”

      The only use we have for you, right now, in Union City is to point and laugh at you, while using you as an example for our children on why its important to do well in school and stay away from drugs.

      Go to class, study hard, and stay away from crystal meth. You don’t want to be like THIS GUY, 50 years from now:


  3. U.C. Strangler sounds like your mucho jealous of Gary because maybe
    he’s honest and gets to the point.
    Everybody is entitled to there opinion and as you see Gary doesn’t
    hold back.
    Gary is much more credible then Unkle Fester and isn’t working
    or getting paid on anyone’s dime.

    • Mr. Johnson,

      If i were jealous of Pollack, it would stem from his refined choice of words and his taste in clothes, which is not to be confused with his thoughts and opinions. Those are “special” cases that are best handled by mental health professionals.

      Seems like you’ve got “mucho” disdain towards Emilio Del Valle. Based on your previous statement, should we conclude that you are somehow envious of the old sycophant?

      Gary gets on this board, railing against “Mr. Mitchell” all the time. If Gary can dish it out, he can certainly stand up for himself and respond to my posts.

      No need for you to become his advocate, unless of course, you’re being compensated for it.

      Other than that, find a new cause celebre. Spare me the heroics.

      • First, there seem to be two opposing positions on my mental health.
        Some people consider me a crazy person trying to act clever…while others; a clever person trying to act crazy…
        Yes, I R being compensated…By the Federal government for the job of doing nothing; SSDI. I feel going to town hall meetings is covered under that job description. I was too tired to go when I worked; Now I R too bored, not to…
        I have settled in NB now. Because I have discovered one political figure in this county who shud be removed from his office to Fed prison; the Mayor of this burg! Nick Sacco & that is my current goal.
        Previously as a Secaucus resident I felt the same way about Judge Walrod, but now that she is gone…I felt I cud be of better use in NB.
        If anyone is old enuf to remember the original Spartacus…a quote;
        Lentulus Biatatus: There is one man I hate: Crassus.
        Sempronius Grachus: U’ve grown very ambitious in ure hatred.
        I will be seeing him in less than 12 hours.
        & though I wish him gone from this town as expeditiously as possible, I will Enjoy every moment it takes to accomplish that task!

  4. Nope I haven’t received a red dime from Gary Pollack or has he offered
    me anything,but he has never worked in any of these towns or received
    any money from these towns so that’s why I hold him more reliable
    then your normal political paid hack(Unkle Fester)
    Just to let you know i also was a big fan of Telly Savales(Kojac)

  5. Gary Pollack speaks like a real leader even referring himself as
    a Greek God.

    Hey Gary would you use Eric Dixon to represent you?

    • Which God wud that be “Mr Johnson?” Morpheus? zzzzzzzzzzzz….or Bacchus?
      Eric is a bit of a mystery to me…
      Is he actually engaged in the “practice of Law?”
      I think being the UCCC legal counsel IS his full time job…
      Wonder who is funding that?
      Undoubtedly, Someone w/a large Sacco’ $$$!
      Mr Johnson & others who prefer pseudonyms if U will be attending the next UC THM;3/5/13 why don’t U identify ureself?
      R U afraid Brian mite “strangle” U?

  6. Sorry Gary, no need to go to these long dragged out drama-ramas,
    just a normal citizen inquiring about our elected officials
    and there job duties.
    I watch the mystery unfold on HUD TV and I’m still trying to
    figure out what Eric Dixon’s purpose is?