Union City BOE criticized for failing to obtain Race to the Top federal grant n 2013. Hudson County Schools of Technology board member Jose Falto explained the situation in a one-on-one interview with Hudson County TV.


  1. Emilio Del Valle lied to The FBI and jury during Choque Roques trial. Not only did Emilio change his testimony after Mayor Nick Sacco and his subordinates promise him a seat at the table but he is now a full blown Roque supporter. Shortly The U.S.Attorney will indict Emilio for lying to federal agents in exchange for payment (20k part-time job in WNY).

  2. “Embarrassing and unacceptable” typifies your tenure as a former principal in Union City. Your low test scores and the culture of ineptitude forced you to retire. And your “very good friend” who served as a principal in Newark was fired for assaulting a teacher. Almost like you, when you tried assaulting your head custodian at Robert waters School. What was his offense ? Oh yeah — he wouldn’t park your car for you. Give me a break. We have loooooooong memories in Union City.

    • You are write but he wasn’t a very good frien of mine. I just new him. I am prowd to have speaker my peace. I am soree if you don’t agree with me. We will preevale in the end.

  3. Well I finaly found you Jose. You said you will call me but never did. I hope you to remember me at the next meeting in Union City.