Union City Housing Attorney Libero Marotta refuses to show his face on camera.


  1. Hey I’m all game to join the quest for a better union city. Time to take out the trash cuz it’s been to long. Keep up the great job guys.

  2. What a croc, I have worked for the city of Union City for 27 years and nothing occurs without the mayor having the deciding factor. The current Mayor Brian P. Stack has handpicked the majority of this current board, and rules them as he wishes.

    The allegation in question happens often, no one gets into housing without Brians Blessing.

  3. The Union City Concerned Citizens is a group of individuals who are Union City residents and are trying to get answers to the on-going investigations that are occuring in our City, and favortism that is going on. We can’t get answers the proper way so we will get them one way or another

    We are not interested in running for any political position in the City.

    Thank you

    Emilio Del Valle

  4. Emilio is corrupt and so is his parade. Christie is going to teach him about honesty just like he is teaching north bergen.

  5. We are calling on nbccg to check Emilio’s time sheets $$$ he has never worked a day in his life a no show pioneer. Fa-q Emilio and Succo.