Union City commissioner meeting recap. Hudson County TV attended the Union City commissioner meeting on Tuesday, where some important resolutions were addressed. Some of these resolutions included the re-appointing of Municipal Court Judge Sixto Macias and deputy of registrar of vital statistics Dominick Cantatore. They also addressed a service agreement with the township of North Bergen allowing for the use of the Bruce D. Walter Recreation center and Swimming pool. Lastly, liquor licensing was discussed including the transferring of a liquor license to a new business and infractions on businesses that currently hold a license.  


  1. Union City doesn’t have a City Council. Sadly, It has a slate of Commissioners who are elected with the Mayor. They don’t run for election on their own, as do candidates for a City Council.. No Commissioner ever says “boo” at a Commissioners’ Meeting. They are there to agree with the Mayor and vote for what the Mayor wants. It is a sad spectacle. The “Mayor and Commissioners” form of government was largely left behind in the 1960’s across the country. It was recognized by many cities to be anti-democratic. It enables a dictator to dictate.