Union City DPW building vacated after failing to comply with state

Union City DPW building vacated after failing to comply with state. The state Department of Labor and Workforce Development ordered Mayor Brian Stack to keep workers out of the building after failing to prove the roof of the facility was stable.


  1. No problem just call Christie up he will either give ypu the money or have the port authority pay for it. Maybe an executive order will allow it to stay open.

  2. If you think Brian Stack cares about city workers you are a fool. This is the same man who was the deciding vote to raise our medical contributions while at the same time delaying retro and raises-forcing employees to campaign buy his fundraiser tickets-come to work in snowstorms work in asbestos filled buildings and just generally lie to all of them. This is not the Mayor I supported. It is time to stand up for our rights!
    If Brian Stack did not spend millions of tax payer dollars on political propaganda to promote himself he would have the money available to restore The DPW building.

  3. Emilio Del Valle lied to The FBI and jury during Choque Roques trial. Not only did Emilio change his testimony after Mayor Nick Sacco and his subordinates promise him a seat at the table but he is now a full blown Roque supporter. Shortly The U.S.Attorney will indict Emilio for lying to federal agents in exchange for payment (20k part-time job in WNY).