Union City Driver Arrested After Threatening Victim With Gun

felix velizronquello
UNION CITY – A Union City man was arrested after driving around with a handgun and threatening to shoot a victim, officials stated.
Felix Velizronquello, 33, of Union City was driving the vehicle and did not know the victim that he threatened to shoot, Lieutenant Loaces stated.
On February 1, 2015, Union City Police observed a Jersey City Police unit driving in the southern part of Union City. After inquiring, Union City Police were notified that a male had been observed driving around with a handgun in a vehicle around 8:00 p.m. and making its way into Union City.
The victim reported to Union City police that a driver had pointed a handgun at her and threatened to shoot. The victim, along with witnesses, were brought into Union City Police headquarters and a probable cause was established. There was no relation to the victim and this might have been a “case of road rage,” Loaces stated.
Union City police stopped the vehicle on 3rd St., where Velizronquello was arrested and the handgun was recovered.


  1. First of all he wasn’t arrested on 3rd street get your facts right. He was arrested on 39st . Second, it wasn’t him it was someone in the backseat who by the way escaped the scene. Get your facts right.

    An eyewitness.