28-year-old Elizabeth Pena-Perez from Union City has been arrested driving a car that owes over 16,951 in toll violations and fines, Port Authority Police says.

On February 15th around 6.30am Port Authority police stationed at the Goethals bridge Staten Island toll plaza saw the suspect driving a black, 2007 Acura with NJ plates enter the toll plaza from Elizabeth, NJ, through a dedicated EZ pass lane and failing to post payment. The suspect was pulled over by Port Authority police who checked the suspect’s account records and determined that the suspect has 74 violations owing $1,088.00 in tolls and $3,700.00 in fines. The suspect could not produce a valid driver’s license and it was determined that the registered owner of the Acura owes $3,901.00 in tolls and $13,050 in fines totaling $16,951.00.

Ms Pena-Perez was charged with Larceny, Unlicensed Operator of a Motor Vehicle

The automobile was impounded.

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