Union City fields questions on OPRA requests, tables proposed budget, at Commissioners meeting

Union City fields questions on OPRA requests, tables proposed budget, at Commissioners meeting. Attorney Mario Blanch, who was present at the meeting to represent a client in a liquor license hearing, told HCTV has violated OPRA law by not responding to our record requests.




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    • Don’t make me vomit! Stack is as corrupt as it gets!
      Sucks up to the governor to insure he gets that state aid to run that trash hole he calls a city. He could never balance his budget if he didn’t get it!

  1. What the hell are you smoking? Stack is a jerk! I have to give credit to the ass-kissing attorney. She talks lots of mumbo jumbo and still sounds professional.

  2. excellent work Mr. Reynoso, you and your team have proven to have by far more balls than the hudsonreporter and the jerseyjournal combined. Stack, Sacco and Roque are the 3 biggest jerks of the county.

  3. That nasty pig Sacco is about to retire. Shame. He’s going to retire with a clean record. That sucks for the people of NJ. It just tell aspiring politicians that “Hey, NJ is STILL the place where you can criminally waste the tax payers money on your friends and GET AWAY WITH IT! Sacco isn’t smart enough to play the game so well for so many years. Some one or some group of people were making the moves for him. Shame ” Boss-ism ” is still a thing. Its 2013 for godsakes