Union City gives Identification Cards to hundreds of Immigrants

Hundreds of immigrants gathered at the Union City City Hall to obtain Identification cards that are only valid within Union City.  Although originally the program was expected to be issuing Ids up until 7pm, by 4.30pm, the city began to tell people to come back by 9am the next day due to the massive number of applicants.

Mayor Brian Stack was the man behind the program and wants his community to know that he stands behind them “…for a community that is 95% immigrants I stand up for them” Mayor Stack said. As an Irish American citizen the Mayor feels that immigrants in this country are hard workers and at the end of the day are also human beings. According to Mayor Stack these Id’s will help the people within the community feel more validated and also “so the undocumented aren’t stigmatized” .

Mayor Stack also encourage residents to attend the upcoming seminars that will give immigrants more information about their rights and they will take place as follow:


On March 1st at St. Anthony of Padua Church (615 8th Street) and

on March 2nd” at the North Hudson Islamic Center (4613 Cottage Place) at 6:30 PM.


  1. wow…and how the hell do you prove they are who they say they are…i know one thing if any of my family becomes a victim of a crime with someone holding one of these bogus IDs .,…i know what deep pockets i am going after

  2. Ok if they are legal immigrants they dont need those bogus ids because they can aquire id through dmv the same way citizens do. I believe this article is referring to illegal immigrants and no where in the article it states they are illegal?? Fix that.. And whos is paying for this project of handing out ids to non taxpayers that mostlikely are providing bogus names. This country is made up of immigrants no doubt about that, but supporting illegal immigrants wasnt on the agenda.