Union City man involved in Operation Big Rig III pleads guilty to $1 million in bank fraud. Moshe “David” Schwartz 33, pled guilty to operating an unchartered bank, which was disguised as a charity, and tax evasion in federal court.



  1. I M Intimately familiar w/these “Sanzers” on 34th & NY Ave! Besides being a yeshiva, true!…they also happen to be an organized criminal enterprise; (that is to fund these activities) So SUE ME!!! Previously US AG Chris Christie, ie the Gov! & the Sanzers entered into an Accord & Stipulation, whereby because they stole from the National Student Lunch Program they had to pay $469K. This holier than thou Cult! can only survive thru thievery or other marginally? legal activities. They R social parasites & a Disgrace to the Jewish people! They refuse to educate their children, because they fear that they mite be able to find gainful employment…& thereby possibly escape the cult…& rigorous sexual separation, commencing in arranged marriages between young adults who hardly know their partner until the blessed! wedding day!
    Currently they R engaged in an attempt to gain control of the Shaare Zedek synagogue in WNY, headed by a “Reb” Duvid Stroebel. He is not there because he cares about Jewish souls—He is there to gain control of the very valuable building, that this vulnerable congregation is legally in possession of! “We have mouths to feed!”
    Never mentioned in the press is a “Reb” Meyer Weiss, owner of Basad Realty; Their “Capo di Tutti.” (Again…Sue me, Meyer!!!) He is kept insulated by “soldiers” like those named in this article, but they work only! on his behalf & @ his behest! They “look down” on less “observant” Jews, like me—but they R actually ganovim (thieves) & shandayim (people who bring shame upon the Jewish people!)—our worst aveirah! (sin)
    I have often suspected that they were “encouraged to leave” Brooklyn because even the Chasidim (ultra orthodox) there found them reprehensibly “beyond the pale.”

  2. Interesting how Brian Stack took money from this organization and is named in the complaint, but yet nothing happened to him. Just like Brian took money from a human trafficker and nothing ever happen to him. Oh that right Brian’s best friend Chris Christie was the U.S Attorney on both of these cases.

  3. Please read the indictment carefully and tell me how Brian Stack does not get indicted? Once again official government documents which show the real Brian Stack a money hungry power hungry thug.