Union City Mayor Brian Stack allegedly harassed federal agent neighbor. NBC News reports that Stack threatened an ICE agent shortly after the Union City City Hall was raided in November by the FBI.



  1. Your joking & this is news if this ICE agent can’t take this so call heat he needs to pack it in this is the best the government got give me a break…

    • It is not a matter of the agent not being able to take heat. It is about a bully mayor throwing his power around. About the mayor acting like a professional. Stack is a lose cannon and it is only a matter of time before he is completely exposed for what he is. A corrupt New Jersey Politician!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ray Mitchell was there…Saw the whole thing!
    Brian stop choking people from Secaucus. Pick on people ure own size; ie Federal agents…
    PS: William or somebody in Bri’s office reading this…IT IS TIME TO UPDATE THE MEETINGS SCHEDULE ON THE TOWN WEB SITE!
    What have U got to loose Nick will make sure Alonzo, DelValle & Dixon will come regardless, but me, Larry & John Heinis rely on official channels! Thanx 😉

  3. Mr.Mitchell dropped all charges on Mayor Stack and word has it that they gave him a job,
    do you think this agent from the ICE Dept. will be working in Union City next?
    Or do you think he will hire on Eric Dixon?

  4. Ray’s got a job??? No more ruff sex for him without some moola!!!
    Haven’t U heard??? Eric retired from politics…Started an Ayn Rand retreat in the Poconos!!!)

  5. Brian u are unraveling more n more every week. Sooner or later the residents of union city will get tired of the scuntinry. Even the gov won’t take the heat for ypu 8000 votes. Bye bye Brian.

  6. I really thought Bri had dreams of someday being the (DEMOCRATIC Party’s) Governor of NJ…Now this can never be…He certainly is sharper than Menendez…& he’s going to be addressed as Senator even after Alzheimer’s sets in…Now Bri will have to settle for Mr Mayor!

  7. I heard somone say that Ray was offering his services on Backpage.com, under
    submissive friendship, as for Mayor Stack nice knowing YA!!