Union City Mayor Brian Stack has Simple Assault Charge Dismissed

Union City Mayor Brian Stack has Simple Assault Charge Dismissed. Stack”s attorney Dennis McAlevy called the complaint “frivolous” and a “sham”.


  1. Stack Paid off people. The deal was Stack will not support Felix Roque anymore As the complainant in the Stack case is WNY’s Count Wiley’s first Cousin.

  2. What a STUPIT statement Stack paid off what in the hell are you on..
    Maybe you should go 2 N Bergen SUCKO could always use another A-Hole & he just might even give you a job cleaning toilets…

  3. FOR VERIFICATION: Rumor has it that Mr. Mitchell has
    been seen driving around this week 2-guys, one with a
    beard(Gary Pollack)and one with glasses(Mayor Stack)

  4. Confirmed! Pollack was driving around w/Mitchell. I was waiting for the 190 bus in Secaucus Plaza. Ray saw me & brought me home. I invited him up.
    We had ruff sex…but since neither us is filing any charges against the other (mutual consent!) no need to go any further…(than a Bergen County court?) on that matter.
    I don’t think I have seen Brian w/glass???
    But I will check again when we have “our” special tete a tete tomorrow nite @ 7 PM @ 3400 Palisade Ave!!! LOL

  5. OK as long as it was consensual I guess it’s all good.
    As for Mr Mitchell I hope he now get’s on with his life!

    • Agreed! We Secaucusins live in Smallville; Venturing into Metropolis can be quite a daunting experience for us!!!

  6. These charges were dropped but when will UC PARKING AUTHORITY DIRECTOR/TAXPAYER MONEY WASTER Alicia Morejon get some assault charges? I attended the Cinco De Mayo celebration last night. Although I had a great time as I usually do at Brian’s event, ALICIA THE DICTATOR was there. I witnessed her treating the volunteers and the young high school kids LIKE THEY WERE GARBAGE. I’ve heard of her mongering before, but when you witness it, it’s amazing how they allow her to do this to the simple residents just lending a hand.