Union City Mayor Talks Improving The Quality Of Life

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UNION CITY – Residents may be getting something extra in the mail this week as Mayor Brian P. Stack recently released a poster with some promising information for Union City residents. The poster talks about improving the community and the quality of life.

Some of the improvements Union City residents can look forward to are:

  • Cameras in many locations to help reduce crime
  • Brighter street lights to deter criminals
  • Major crackdown on bad liquor establishments that serve minors or allow drug dealing, violence, and disrupt your quality of life/safety
  • Safety Signs will help calm traffic and make streets friendlier to pedestrians
  • Summons will continued to be issued for those who do not pick up after their dogs 
  • Fewer Disruptive House Parties music and noise should not be heard outside the confines of your home

“We all need to be good neighbors and work together to continue improving the quality of life of all residents of our city,” said Mayor Brian P. Stack.

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  1. Linda you are so right half of the residents don’t even know what he looks like after so many years can you imagine.