The popular musical group Maxima Alerta has just released a new song praising the United States.  The catchy and high voltage song is called “Que Viva USA” (“Let’s Rock USA”)  

It’s a song that needs to be heard and shared a billion times.

The song is performed by Lucio Fernandez, Ray Machado and Javier Porta Gonzalez.  The three wanted to show their gratitude to the United States for everything this country has done for them as a group and as individuals.  All three immigrated to the US from Cuba at different times, but all sought political asylum from the totalitarian communist regime; and all three have a great love for the United States of America.  

For years they noticed how few immigrants waved the United States flag at ethnic parades and events, and how few sang the praises of this great Nation.  They decided it was way overdue.  Additionally, in an election year full of negativity, they felt it was necessary to show what a great country we live in.  That’s when “Que Viva USA” was born.

The song is written by Lucio Fernandez with his wife Megan, and Ray Machado.  It is a hard driving vibrant dance song with a catchy phrase “Que Viva USA”.  The song is perfect to dance to, but also for playing at public gatherings.  The video too is full of energy as it shows people of all ages and backgrounds happily dancing.

This is for sure a hit in the making.  A great song because it sings and honors the greatest country in the world… the United States of America.  It makes us all stand up, cheer, and dance “Que Viva USA”!