Union City OEM Coordinator Charge with Domestic Assault

Union City OEM Coordinator Charged with Domestic Assault.┬áThe police report states that Henry Munker held a pillow over this grilfriend’s face.


  1. I guess mr stack stuck his foot in his mouth about who’s the hardest working Dpw employee. I guess he meant suffocating his girlfriend it does take a lot of work. Go Nick Sacco

  2. This guy should be fired. How can you hit a woman? Shame on this man and shame on Brian Stack for covering up for him.

  3. Wow! Stay away from ths town boys and girls!
    First a man claims he’s been raped by a member of the P.D.
    then a Secaucus man charges the good old Mayor choked him.
    Now we have a DPW Supervisor charged with shadow boxing his
    girlfriend, Wow this is very sad when all this abuse,
    assaults and now domestic violence occur and not one
    prosecutor to investigate?

  4. What this man did is inexcusable….but how is this Brian Stack’s fault? He was not covering it up. If so then Nick $acco is definitely guilty! He covered up all the corruption that has been going on since the eighties…Are you telling me he did not know about Joe Auriemma, his best friend Vinny Zuppulla, Peter Perez, James Wiley, Tim Grossi, Frank Longo, Troy Bunero, etc. etc.? What about $acco and how he treats women? Oh that’s ok to call a woman a pig and retard? Everyone knows who you people are being funded by…Nick $acco and the FBI and AG’s office knows it too. What are you going to tell them when they come knocking on your door? Not you? If they come a calling you can bet your bottom dollar they already know…they have the pics and audio. Are you telling me you would risk your freedom and your family for this criminal? Good luck and sleep well…he he he he

    (video link removed by hctv)

  5. This looks like a personal problem between a couple. It’s sad how some try to plant it on Mr. Stack.

  6. Plant it on Mr. Stack. Mr Stack is his boss and he needs to take action and send a strong message that abusing woman will not be condoned. It does involve Stack, he is covering up by failing to discipline a city worker for engaging in such behavior. Just like when Stack covered up for his ex-wife, his police chief, his building department.

  7. You are an imbecile Juan Rockhead. So everytime you make a mistake your employer should be held accountable. Stop doing the work for $acco…I don’t care what he promised you…it’s not going to happen he is just using you idiots because you are just that stupid to do it. Look what he did to Joe Auriemma..he did three years for Sacco where is he now? Watch what happens to Wiley, Grossi, Bunero and Longo…jail time!!! Ha ha! That will be you next! Oh and for that Mitchell guy with the self inflicted scratches he will be looking at time too for falsifying a police report. I can’t wait until the AG’s office gets you all too….THEY ARE WATCHING YOU TOO…ANYONE CONNECTED WITH $ACCO WILL BE UNDER SURVEILANCE! THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE…THEY ARE WATCHING! You and the Geriatric Citizens Thugs are going down!!

  8. Pants on fire I think Brian Stack has his hands in your pants. You are a complete idiot. You have serious mental issues. You have become Obsessed with Brian Stack and this web-site. Either you have serious issues or you are being paid to spend you day posting on various sites. You making a complete fool of yourself. How can anyone take you serious when you do not even have the courage to place you name on a posting? You are typical of Stack supports. Uneducated fools who only look for hand outs.

    • awwwww poor Rockhead…I hit a nerve. You are the one protecting a corrupt and recently subpeonaed $acco..so who is obsessed? It is well known who you a being funded by and you look like the fool…you have nothing credible to say…and everything I state is a fact. I am self employed and have the luxury to work from my home office due to my well educated background…you on the other hand are forced to engage in illegal activity to help to you to keep you somewhat comfortable in the ghetto in which you live. From the postings my dear sir…it is you who sounds uneducated. You might want to rethink your stance. Remember it is a fact….you and the other $acco cronies are being watched by the AG’s office. I guess you chose the wrong side and that is why you remain in the ghetto with your ghetto buddies. Good luck with that!