Donation page created to help family of Union City cop who died suddenly

A DonationTo page has been established to help the young children of the Union City Police officer who died suddenly Monday evening.

According to Captain Nichelle Luster, Officer Ricardo “Ricky” Fernandez, 48, suffered an undisclosed “medical emergency” at his Old Bridge home.

He leaves behind wife Lily, 8-year-old son Marc Anthony and daughter Isabella, 5.

Fernandez, a 24-year veteran of the department was well-known and well-loved in the community.

Luster calls him an “amazing guy — kind, compassionate, respectful, professional.  He came to work, took pride in his job and he protected his brother and sister officers.”

The department is reeling over Fernandez’s passing and doing all they can to honor his life.

Walter Mazariegos, Detective Sergeant at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office started 
the page to support his friend.

“Let’s show our appreciation by surpassing the stated goal and keeping his legacy alive,” Mazariegos says.  “This fund is for the benefit of Ricky’s wife and children.”

Already $385 has been donated.



Throughout his career Ricky was assigned to the Patrol Division. Anyone that knew him agrees that the Patrol Division is right where he wanted to be. Ricky was also certified in the Police Bicycle Division. However, no one can deny his pride and joy while patrolling on the police motorcycle.

Throughout his career Ricky received numerous awards and commendations. He will be remembered as “a cop’s cop.”

Police Officer Ricardo Fernandez #267, your watch has ended.  May you rest in eternal peace!

Hudson TV would like to offer our deepest condolences to Officer Fernandez’s family.



  1. Im so sorry for the loss of our officer from Union city nj he is now resting in heaven with carrie fisher princess leia and the original actor who played obi one kanobi may they rest in peace # 267 keep on watching all of us from heaven and guide us here on earth to safety along with carrie fisher princess leia and the original actor who played obi one kanobi amen Rip

  2. RIP Old friend, classmate from grammar school and high school,my condolences to his family he was a wonderful son, brother, friend and man in total may god have you in his glory.

  3. Rest In Peace Ricky, you were a great person with or without the uniform. May God hold you on his arms. My condolences to his family whom he love so much

  4. I am still trying to absorb, in total disbelief. Ricky you will always live in my heart. My condolences to his entire family. Rest in peace.