(UNION CITY) Mayor Brian P. Stack announces the replacement of aging police vehicles with 5 new police SUVs. The vehicles were purchased to replace vehicles that were over 10 years old and had accumulated over 100,000 miles.

“The Union City Police Department has always been ahead of the curve in terms of professionalism and pride in their service to the community and the new vehicles will only improve upon a job well done,” said Mayor Brian P. Stack. “Police vehicles are resources that officers use every day to keep the community safe. Updating aging equipment is necessary to ensure that our officers have the most up to date technology to do the best job possible.”

The new vehicles are already being operated by the Patrol Division and will be utilized throughout the city. “The SUVs will provide for greater visibility and will continue to cultivate our community policing model by encouraging the community to identify and interact with officers,” said Mayor Brian P. Stack.

Integrating new technology and equipment is imperative in keeping the police department professional and proficient. “The department has been very diligent in maintaining our vehicles over the years, but the replacements have become necessary,” said Chief Richard Molinari. “The new vehicles will prove to be more efficient and cost effective by saving on maintenance and fuel costs.”