It was a bittersweet day in Union City as we remember the late officer Ricardo “Ricky” Fernandez. Officer Fernandez’s untimely passing happened back in December of 2016. Ricky was an officer for the Union City Police Department for over 20 years, so in honor of police week, Mayor Stack and the commissioners as well as Police Chief Richard Molinari felt that this ceremony should be held in his memory.

The ceremony was a street dedication which revealed a new street named after Ricky Fernandez. His wife Lillian Fernandez and children Marc Anthony and Isabella were given a replica of the sign as well as awards from the police department and motorcycle club. His wife was also accompanied by Fernandez’s sisters Kathleen Colatrella and Elsida Mazariegos.

Ricky was a huge motorcycle fan and according to his brother Rafael was one of his favorite things about his job. The ceremony was held on the same street as the motor cycle garage and the street was lined up with police motorcycles in his memory.

Ricky was a beloved member of the community and will always be remembered.


  1. My heart still stings with your lost. One day brother you and I will reunite…. We will all proudly pay the ultimate price….. God bless my sister and your children….

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