Union City Residents Blast Mayor Brian Stack over Washington Park Improvements

Union City Residents Blast Mayor Brian Stack over Washington Park Improvements. Jersey City residents also voice their displeasure with former Mayor Jerramiah Healy over the situation.

CORRECTION: The vigil this evening will be at the corner of Palisade Ave. and Paterson Plank Rd., not Second St. and Bergenline Ave.


  1. Kudos to the Union City and Jersey City residents who publicly spoke out against Brian Stack. It is a shame what Stack has done to Washington Park. This man is simply out of control and needs to go. This project is a waste of money and has taken from our quality of life. What is even more outrageous is the fact that Stack and his spokesperson refused to comment. Only people with a guilty minds would avoiding defending their actions. The last open space in Union City filled with nature has now been destroyed by a self serving egomaniac. We the people need to stand together to have this man removed from office. I urge all my neighbors to stand together and take back our city from this egomaniac. Intimidation cannot be tolerated. We need to stand up to Stack and the thugs he stacks the meetings with. We can no longer allow these people to bully us. This is our city.

  2. Soccer field? Stack is once again playing up to the latin community of the area! Stack just sucks!

  3. it’s a football, baseball , soccer field, which we need , it’;ws about and for the kids . these people need to get a life’