Union City’s Jose Marti Freshman Academy and North Bergen High School receive simultaneous bomb threats

A bomb threat was called into the Jose Marti Freshman Academy in Union City and another one to North Bergen High School around 12:54pm Tuesday.

According to North Bergen Police Chief Bob Dowd, both North Bergen and Union City were  getting simultaneous calls from same guy making the threats.

The bomb squad was at the middle school, as well as the Union City Police Department and Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, according to Justin Mercado, spokesperson to Mayor Brian Stack.

According to trusted sources, after an investigation — the threat to NBHS was considered a hoax.

The person who called it in said they had a grenade and firearms, but law enforcement determined that was not true.

They are still trying to find the culprit.

The middle school went into lockdown so they could determine exactly what was going on.

NBHS was on lockdown for less than a half hour.

Superintendent of North Bergen Schools, Dr. George Solter says there was a threat called into the police department and it said that someone was across the street at the gas station and they were going to go into the high school and ‘cause a problem.

“Then he called back a couple of minutes later and said he was inside the school,” Solter says.  “So we went into lockdown and all the students went into their lockdown procedure, the administration and everybody.  The police department was called and they were on their way.”

According to Solter, the police searched the building. The county sheriff’s department dispatched dogs, the fire department came to Kennedy Boulevard just in case, and the Office of Emergency Management came. They all searched and Dowd says they didn’t find  anything so the school resumed the regular day.

“It was a quick act by the police department, principal of the building and all the staff members,” Solter says.  “We do training all the time and drills — we were in lockdown within a minute and then the police department went though the building room by room just to make sure everything was okay.”

Contrary to rumors, Solter says there wasn’t a shooting and no intruder was found.

Through the police investigation, they were able to get the phone number and address of the person who called the police department, and the name of the person who the phone was registered to.

“That doesn’t mean that was the person who made the call but they’re following up on their lead and we’re hoping they can catch the person and prosecute them because of the disruption in the day,” Solter says.

“Kids just want to go to school and learn and it’s an infringement on those children’s rights to have a good education,” the superintendent says.  “And myself, the principal, all the staff members were mad that this person took it upon himself to do it.

“I want to thank the police and the county for their quick response — and everybody else involved. They really did a great job.”

Solter says they sent a message home to the parents to let them know what happened because they have a right to know.

“There was a phone call made to the police department, we went into lockdown for the safety of the students, the police did their due diligence going through the building, there was no-one found and we continued on with the rest of the day. The police are continuing their investigation and moving forward for an arrest,” Solter says.


  1. Not trying to be a jerk but why everyone freaks out about this??? UC has the best security in the country and it takes a lot to plant a bomb in a school without getting noticed. Relax guys these calls are done by computer generated robo calls. Probably the same jack ass that did last time from Russia

    • Kind of disagree with you on them having the best security the police department and fire department did an amazing job and the other organizations that were involved today did a good job he did a good job by lockdown the schoolsthis security needs more training and that’s a fact there’s no reason to discuss

    • I was referring to as if anyone tried to get in the school they stop u right at the front. Even if they know u they stop u from entering the school. There are very slim chances that this will actually happen in UC. Unless its an inside job by students or faculty. Till now not one school in the country that received a bomb threat have actually found a bomb.

    • I agree with you on that usually threats and up only being threats and scares if it’s going to happen it will happen no one’s gonna tell anyone I agree with that aspect I’ve been doing security for many years government security at that and the training I go to is ridiculous I just got back into the business I feel there should be more trained security at schools not only Union City but all over I’m not very happy with the school security I don’t all the schools but the schools that I’m go to regularly changes should be made security is not gonna stop a bomb threat it’s there for deterrent

  2. That it all started at the fast station and then he ran inside the HS!! Students said that the superintendent will call tonight to explain what happen!!!