Update: Secaucus police hunt for a robbery suspect


Secaucus police are searching for a suspect who robbed a Dunkin’ Donuts at 216 County Avenue.  Police say the incident took place around 7:45 p.m. on January 7 when a man brandishing a handgun demanded money from two employees who were behind the counter.  The workers cooperated, giving the suspect an undetermined amount of cash.  The man then fled with the money without harming anyone.

The suspect is described as a male in his twenties.  He was wearing a mask, with a black jacket and a hoodie on his head.

Anyone with any tips please call the Secaucus Police Department (201) 330-2060 or email us if you have more information.



  1. I noticed ure description “male in his twenties” leaves out any ethnic markers…ie, black, white, Hispanic…I guess that mite be politically incorrect? Glad U didn’t say he had a beard…I have one & they mite arrest me for looking suspicious…From now on we shudn’t describe anyone…Let’s just say “a person!” 😉