(Warning: Foul Language is included) Is there voter fraud taking place in Bayonne? In an exclusive investigation by Hudson County TV, we uncover a possible blockbuster shortly before the June 10th runoff election.




  1. The only fraud taking place is from Jimmy Davis. An “anonymous” recording. Yea sure Jimmy. Joe DeMarco, did you ever return that generator you stole from West New York? I hope the authorities look into that too Joe. Meet Jimmy Davis (Jimmy Davis for Mayor of Bayonne)

  2. Fernando you have no class. You post things your told to on the orders of Albio/Turner/Sacco/Menendez Machine. Yet turn a blind eye to so much of real truth and Corruption.

    Take your own advice Mr Uribe. Stay Classy and take back your soul.

    Day before the hammer falls on your candidates aka your other employers. You post dirt with Joe Demarco talking about fraud…lol

    How sad for you and HCTV.

    Was the $ worth it?

    • Seeing Eye, obviously a smith supporter, You are speaking about motive but that aside, the recording is the recording…also you haven’t denounced the recording so it stands to reason you know who it is.

      worth the $? so he has just a goody bag of stuff he holds on too for the right buyer? Reports what to report…this would be too juicy to sit on for any reporter!

      • BayonneResident, obviously a davis supporter.

        where do you work? I want to swing by. perhaps I can drop off a recording device to your home? or how about I just log into your computer and take a peek at your search history?
        just kidding, I’m not trying to get elected.

        • It’s a Civil building, they are Civil servants, there for the Fire house is a public building.

          Yea I’m sure they just decided to release a recording without thinking about the legal ramifications Thumbs up to that idea!

          You are still all on the fact of if it is legal or not! You are not arguing of the alleged people involved! Haha so you know it is them! plus they would have to come forward to say it is them to file a lawsuit!! but another guy on here is saying it is actors and you are saying it is illegal

          Actors??? Haha yup actors trained for weeks to mimic voices just for this video! Cost of thousands! suuurrrreeee

          Haha You guys are grabbing at straws here !

  3. thanks for sharing this, Smith’s whole family is on the payroll this scum bag cheat needs to go and i think the time is now…

  4. anonymous
    is voter fraud … you can decide for yourself
    specific town employees, really
    alleged forging of signatures
    wow – recorded dispatch of engine 2 [this must be true]
    private conversation of two unknown individuals or “actors” [nice piece of work]
    immediate interview after listening to audio on city street sidewalk [professional job]
    campaign activity in firehouses? I thought this was about voter fraud
    confirmed voice experts from opposition’s election camp… I can’t take this bullshit anymore…

    nice touch of yelling into the firehouse, forget about journalism you should going into acting

    davis can count on me come june 10th. why? I don’t want him bugging my place of business

    also, I love the fact that your email required statement reads “address never made public” [I was nervous that I couldn’t trust you]

    • Ashley, you can’t be serious.

      He used an alleged recording of two individuals that he doesn’t know. If real, they were recorded at their place of work unknowingly!

      Informative? Are you crazy?

      Next time your at work I’ll be listening. Then I’m going to drop it off at Fernando’s place of work so he can do a hatchet job on you.

      Fernando found his calling. He tried to be a elected official back in 2011 and got crushed! Now he just tries to influence those same elections for his own gain.

  5. I don’t live in Bayonne nor am I a Democrat and so I don’t have a “horse in the race” so to speak but I’m confused as to how this tape can possibly be interpreted as Mayor Smith endorsing voter fraud. Which, lets be honest, is what is being suggested by this coverage and stated in fairly plain terms in the comments. Are they alleging that one of the voices on the tape is Mark Smith? If so then clearly there’s a case here but if not- what does it have to do with him? This is yet another example of an event packaged and sensationalized so as to appear significant but when viewed rationally and logically doesn’t really amount to much.Unless of course you’re idea of intrigue is some guy sending in his mom’s vote because she had jury duty! Maybe I don’t get it or I’m just a contrarian but for me, this seems kind of lame.

  6. Wow….Leo Smith Jr (firefighter), is the Leo Smith Sr’s (who is MARK SMITHS brother AND Asst. Superintendent of schools AND Mark Smiths campaign treasurer). I did not realize this was happening…..VOTER FRAUD accusations. I have just changed my vote.

    This is great reporting Fernando! Thanks for enlightening us!

    • Welcome back from the dark side my friend. You are not the only one changing their vote…Trust me!

  7. The shame in all this is someone would illegally plant a recording device without anyone’s knowledge.

    That is the only FACT I see here.

    The Davis team wants transparency that move doesn’t seem very transparent

  8. Wow, not only are they trying to forge someone’s name but they are doing this during work hours. It must be nice to stand around plotting illegal things and get paid for it. Don’t have a fire in your house because there aren’t any fire fighter’s in the fire house to save you. Lol. Yeah but you’re moving Bayonne forward! Smith swears he’s going to win this, then why be corrupt? #teamdavis