Voters weigh-in on upcoming New Jersey primary

“I think the country would be in big trouble if Donald Trump is elected president,” says North Bergen resident, Dennis Healy.  “
He don’t know nothing about politics.”

“The way he talks about Muslims, the way he talks about other nationalities, other peoples where they come from is not right, the way he talks about how Mexico should build a wall,” says Fabian Cabrera, of North Bergen.

Ellen Presley’s choice is Bernie Sanders and she says if he isn’t the nominee, she won’t vote.

“I’ve waited 71 years just about, with the exception of John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama to have a candidate that speaks the truth, that is honest,” the North Bergen resident says.

It’s great to have the freedom to vote for your candidate of choice.

“Maybe Donald Trump is good, maybe no good,” says Habilo Tolero, of North Bergen.  “Maybe no loco, maybe loco. habla mucho mucho.”

Jose Chicas isn’t sure who he wants in office, but he seems to be leaning towards the senator from Vermont.

“I more close to him about the politician and the thing for Hispanic people,” says Chicas, of North Bergen.

It’s an uncertain and unprecedented election.

“Donald Trump doesn’t really have the discipline to pretend that he’s presidential for an extended period of time,” says Weehawken resident, Patrick Budhoo.

Hector Alpa wants someone who he feels is more in line with Latinos and he says Hillary Clinton is his pick.

“Given the fact that her husband was our president and given the fact that she was the secretary of state, she has more experience,” Alpa, of West New York says.

“Clinton has the best shot, she’s the most experienced,” Healy says.  “Sure, Clinton’ll be the next president.”