Wainstein Files to Challenge Sacco


Mayoral challenger Larry Wainstein and the Lower Taxes/Time for Change ticket filed their petitions on Friday for the upcoming May election, kicking off a bitterly contested two-month campaign.

The businessman alleges that Mayor Nicholas Sacco is using intimidation tactics to harass political opponents, including trying to get petition signers to retract their signatures.

He says the mayor is destroying North Bergen and its people while lining his own pockets.

“The days of fear and intimidation are almost over,” he says.  Sacco is not above the law, 68 days till freedom.”

According to Wainstein:

  • Door-to-door volunteers were harassed and intimidated by members of the police department.
  • Municipal vehicles and unmarked cars followed petitioners and took daily pictures.
  • Anyone who signed a petition against Sacco in previous elections was visited by inspectors, township directors, Board of Education employees and intimidated and threatened.
  • Indicted DPW Superintendent Tim Grassi ordered a local deli owner on 10th and Grand Avenue to remove an anti-Sacco sign by telling her she would have trouble with the town if she left the sign in her window.
  • Indicted Supervisors Troy Bunero and Frank Longo are currently awaiting trial for stealing literature from Sacco political opponents.
  • After Board of Education candidates filed election petitions, signatures were broken down into wards and districts. Sacco, Director of Primary and Secondary Education for the North Bergen School System personally reviewed the petitions and instructed a complete identification of all signers.


  1. Edit every single department the building department the sanitation department the mayors office the tax assessor office and the police department and the municipal courts as well!

  2. Larry you have to stop them when they are ringing your doorbell 9pm at night! I don’t like that at all!