Wainstein Throws Hat in the Ring for North Bergen Mayor

“I believe Larry is an example of the American dream because he cares about others, he wants to give back to the community, and he wants to make sure we live in a town where all of us have the same opportunities,” says Attorney Mario Blanch, at a Valentine’s Day event Friday night in the Schuetzen Park Ballroom.

The mayor battle in North Bergen is brewing.

“It matters to me when those who have been elected to serve the people choose to abuse that trust because of their greed and lack of caring,” Wainstein says.

He calls his candidacy long overdue.

“Dictator Sacco has been allowed to get away with it for more than 30 years,” Wainstein says.

The businessman vows to fight for schools and do all he can to create an honest and transparent administration.

“While they fight to keep us out of city hall, we fight for open government. While they keep raising our taxes, we fight for lower taxes,” Wainstein says.

According to Wainstein, he can clean up North Bergen.

“The power that he (Sacco) has stolen from the people will be returned to the people,” the entrepreneur says.

Though he’s not a politician, Wainstein says he is the smart choice over Sacco.

“Even his own corrupt cronies know his days of political greed; corruption and abuse of power are ending,” Wainstein says.

Since 2011, Wainstein has been a North Bergen thorn in Nick Sacco’s side and he has no plans of going away anytime soon.

“Tonight I proudly announce my candidacy for mayor of North Bergen,” Wainstein says to a cheering crowd.

Sacco campaign manager Paul Swibinski slams Wainstein as a fraud and front man for former Township Clerk Joe Mocco.

“Corrupt ex-convict Mocco was fired by Sacco after he was convicted of bribery and extortion and is running Larry Wainstein’s campaign.”

“Wainstein lives in a $2 million mansion in Franklin Lakes where his children go to public school.  Referring to his home as a ‘vacation property’ is not only an outright lie but an insult to the voters of North Bergen,” he says.

Swibinski calls Wainstein and Mocco political gangsters whose real goal is to loot North Bergen’s treasury.

“Their corrupt dealings will be fully exposed and they have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning this election.”












  1. It’s time for a new Mayor whit new and fresh ideas ,Larry Wainstein,will be for sure a great Mayor for the people of North Bergen.

  2. La comunidad latina ya tiene un nuevo Lider.honesto y trabajador,24 horas disponibles para su comunidad, Larry Wainstein el proximo Alcalde de North Bergen.

  3. Another empty suit Mocco is trolling out to bust Sacco’s chops and who’s going to lose 3 to 1.

    As long as Joe Mocco has a hand in any opposition to the current administration, Sacco will always be the lesser of two evils and therefore, win by default.

  4. Wainstein lives in Franklin Lakes in a Mansion, he just owns a liquor store and check cashing in NB

  5. Felicidades Larry Wainstein por tener la valentia de defender a un pueblo que vive oprimido, intimidado y amenazado… La liberación de las personas de la tercera edad, los cuales son amenazados constantemente por la administración vigente llegara a su fin este próximo Mayo 12. Arriba Larry Wainstein

  6. Por favor!!! 17 anos viviendo en NB y los taxes de mi propiedad solo han subido un poco. Esto es quitate tu para ponerme yo. Weinstein es un “business man” y nunca va ha tener el interes del pueblo como su prioridad el solo quiere hacer mas dinero para el y su circulo.

  7. Haydee Rodriguez,las alcaldias no están para lucrar con ellas,son para regular los destinos de sus ciudadanos,para construir más y mejores escuelas,para que los niños puedan acceder a una mejor educación y,proteger el medio ambiente y no permitir que existan empresas lucrativas ,que contamiman la vida con asbestos.
    Treinta años y una ciudad que no es capaz de construir nuevas escuelas,no habla muy bien de la administración actual.calles y avenidas llenas de hoyos ,el Parque de la ciudad,que es una cueva de lobos ,especialmente por las noches.
    Las ciudades son del pueblo y para el pueblo,las autoridades están para servir al pueblo, no para lucrar con el dinero del pueblo.
    North Bergen ,necesita gente nueva y honesta ,con ideas nuevas e innovadoras,solo asi ud. y su familia podran disfrutar de una mejor calidad de vida.

  8. Will the person who just ran for freeholder in this district please stand/speak up! Or somebody…anybody…
    Anyone who knows me, knows I have no use for Nick…but in this case I have to say…better the devil U know, than the one U don’t…
    I guess in N Hudson that cud be considered a ringing endorsement…
    But maybe we shud let Nick one last term, if necessary…in the hope that we don’t wind up w/Larry for a decade or two…oy!!!
    But I think, I have little to worry about…The fact that they came to eat ure cake Lar, does not mean that they will vote for U!!! :)

  9. You have my full, full support. I’m very concerned by what I have started to realize about North Bergen.

  10. All candidates past and present running for office in North Bergen NJ need a full FBI and IRS investigation!? To find out if there are mob connections or not!? This has become the race of the Billionaire and I do not understand why they do no investigate North Bergen NJ it needs to be done and If the mob allegations are true they should never be allowed to run for mayor! They caught Anthony Russo in Hoboken NJ why not investigate North Bergen NJ?

  11. North Bergen NJ needs an FBI and IRS investigation into all public offices They caught Anthony Russo Former Mayor Hoboken NJ why can’t they catch the mob in North Bergen NJ and investigate which politicans are involved in the payouts? Get ready North Bergen NJ may make Hoboken NJ look like child’s play!?

  12. What disturbs me is the fact If it is true that Larry Wainstein owns a house in millionaire row Franklin Lakes New Jersey it makes him just as bad as Nicolas Sacco and why does he want to run for mayor in North Bergen NJ? This makes no sense at all!

  13. It is mathematically impossible to win in NB. It employees its own and then puts a metaphorical gun to peoples heads. If they do not bring the ENTIRE FAMILY out to vote you will be ridiculed, smeared, intimidated. NB is a town with an extremely warped moral compass. They cheat at the polls, on test scores, and at sports. It is encouraged and done with a wink and a nudge. “If ya ain’t cheating ya ain’t trying” is literally the motto. Taking down Sacco wouldn’t do anything. Cut off the head of the Hydra another will emerge. The only way to save North Bergen is to fill it with transplants from other place and completely change up the voter base.

  14. If Larry Wainstein owns a house in Millionaires Row Franklin Lakes New Jersey doesn’t that make him just as bad as Nicolas Sacco doing 3 jobs mayor state senator and school superintendent? North Bergen New Jersey needs a good FBI and IRS Audit and we do need an honest citizen?

  15. I like Weinstain but not the people in his team!! It’s true I rather Mayor Sacco and his people. I’m not too fond of change. Why? Well first of all I have lived in North Bergen for many years and my children grew up here and I am so unhappy with the law enforcement officers must of them who are Hispanic. They are abusers of power!! The Sheriffs office has a bunch of Cuban officers who are foul mouthed and have no respect for their own kind. I have always respected authority and it was not like this before where officers step on the heads of their own kind. I a mature woman was screamed at while parking my car in front of my house by a Cuban officer for no reason whatsoever. While backing up my car during parking he stood in my back summoned me for unsafe driver when I was NOT driving. I said “officer I live here” his response “be quiet, “but officer I live here” ” I told you to shut up” “excuse sir” “shut up be quiet you are being film” “give me your license now” “yes sir I am trying to tell you I live here” “I’m parking” ” I told you be quiet” ” I went to court- I was made to wait. Sheriff officer with three other sheriffs office came in went straight to the prosecutor and left laughing. I was made to wait all day was called at the end prosecutor of North Bergen was nasty and told me I have no deals for you because you paid a ticket in 2004 for unsafe driving ( for holding an MP3 player) and one ticket you paid 2012 ( which is another paid ticket) no deals for me and got points in your license!! Is this corrupt or not. A woman who has paid taxes who had been a good citizen who rsised her children whose wedding ceremony was performed by Sacco himself- who was given a notary certificate by Sacco himself!! Now is this fair. I wish Sacco stays because more of this corrupt officers will come in with Wainstein I see it. People who step on their own kind!! I feel like saying go back to Cuba to those mean officers!!