Wainstein Throws Hat in the Ring for North Bergen Mayor

“I believe Larry is an example of the American dream because he cares about others, he wants to give back to the community, and he wants to make sure we live in a town where all of us have the same opportunities,” says Attorney Mario Blanch, at a Valentine’s Day event Friday night in the Schuetzen Park Ballroom.

The mayor battle in North Bergen is brewing.

“It matters to me when those who have been elected to serve the people choose to abuse that trust because of their greed and lack of caring,” Wainstein says.

He calls his candidacy long overdue.

“Dictator Sacco has been allowed to get away with it for more than 30 years,” Wainstein says.

The businessman vows to fight for schools and do all he can to create an honest and transparent administration.

“While they fight to keep us out of city hall, we fight for open government. While they keep raising our taxes, we fight for lower taxes,” Wainstein says.

According to Wainstein, he can clean up North Bergen.

“The power that he (Sacco) has stolen from the people will be returned to the people,” the entrepreneur says.

Though he’s not a politician, Wainstein says he is the smart choice over Sacco.

“Even his own corrupt cronies know his days of political greed; corruption and abuse of power are ending,” Wainstein says.

Since 2011, Wainstein has been a North Bergen thorn in Nick Sacco’s side and he has no plans of going away anytime soon.

“Tonight I proudly announce my candidacy for mayor of North Bergen,” Wainstein says to a cheering crowd.

Sacco campaign manager Paul Swibinski slams Wainstein as a fraud and front man for former Township Clerk Joe Mocco.

“Corrupt ex-convict Mocco was fired by Sacco after he was convicted of bribery and extortion and is running Larry Wainstein’s campaign.”

“Wainstein lives in a $2 million mansion in Franklin Lakes where his children go to public school.  Referring to his home as a ‘vacation property’ is not only an outright lie but an insult to the voters of North Bergen,” he says.

Swibinski calls Wainstein and Mocco political gangsters whose real goal is to loot North Bergen’s treasury.

“Their corrupt dealings will be fully exposed and they have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning this election.”











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