War and Hell Broke loose at West New York Board of Education



  1. WOW roque nd his pple r really trashy as hell. look how the town has turned to with this doctor tat cant even take care of his own patients. Cant wait to see the town fall apart nd i will be laughin cause all the pple got paid to vote. u aint gettin shytt. Get it through ur thick ass mine there is not going to be a mayor better than vega !!! Politics r all lies the taxes werent raised by vega blame the economy!

  2. Thank God and the PEOPLE of West NEW York who VOTED Sleazy Vega and DIRTY Lange and his CREEPS OUT for GOOD!!! I love my HOMETOWN of West New York and I am glad to finally see Justice PREVAIL! Mayor Roque and his team are going to clean the town UP so that WNY can get back to the Great Hometown it was while I was growing up here!!! Congratulations to Mayor Roque and all of us good people who voted for a New Direction FREE at Last from dirty Vega who is GONE for GOOD!!!

  3. They were upset for one reason because the outgoing Mayor was performing one last legal task He was appointing people into 3 positions positions that the incoming mayor simply could not terminate forcing the new mayor to keep those people for 4 years This just goes to demonstrate the differences between the people behind the desk and those on the other side It is California Prop 187 all over again

  4. La Chusma tomo West New York. Basta con ver como piensa Dr .Roque dirigir la ciudad…”Por sus C…..” bonito ejemplo de democracia Es asi es como esas turbas enardecidas piensan educar a nuestros ninos? Caridad Rodriguez, cuando fue secretaria de Albio Sires, fue una acomodada y ahora que perdio la Asamblea se sumo a la claque para proteger el trabajo de su marido como funcionario de la ciudad.Sin respeto no hay dignidad, y Dr Roque nunca se ganara el derecho de ser llamado “Mayor”

  5. Im sorry, I live in West New York too, and I think you should learn our language before you start fighing about rights…

  6. How very uncivil…they make WNY look a bunch of soccer fans about to riot. If you don’t like the people elected/appointed to positions, there are better ways to remove them than bringing a mob to disrupt public meetings and throwing things at the people you don’t like.

  7. What Mayor and Mayor!!!???? Hes Trash! He has done nothing he PROMISED What A LIAR!!!!!!! Now I see we have ANIMALS RUNNING THE ZOO HERE AT WNY!!!! What a munch of LOW Classes these people are!!!!!! What A Team!!! This is TRASH!

  8. take this from a kid who knws the schools. they need to clean up all schools not just the middle school nd high school but the elementary schools aswell. im in the middle school in WNY nd so far since this guys has been elected, he hasnt done shit.

  9. Is anything getting done here? It just seems like a bunch of people screaming at each other in ignorance. The leaders of these people should at least have control over them.

  10. west new york .what a disgrace of a town. please go back to school .all of you. and for all you ass kissing politicians i say .go back to cuba you communist bastards. west new york sucks. i lived there for a few months and i`m so happy i dont have to see this crap everyday. long live the revolution..

  11. Wny is far from a ghetto, we do have a lot of fake thugs who think they are though and grow up in the mean gritty streets of Wny .truth is its not like that at all. The streets are dirty , yea, town hall is Infested with corruption , yes. But ghetto ? Nope this isent Compton

  12. In a free society we have the right to voice our opinions. However, we do not have the right to act like animals. The audience could have gotten a better response if they would have acted civil. It was a sad day in West New York.

  13. If you’ve been repressed and beaten down, at some point you stand up for yourself and, if you have to, scream “NO MORE!” They were obviously passionate about their beliefs. I don’t know who was “right” or “wrong,” but I do wonder why leadership didn’t postpone the meeting to allow emotions to cool and set up a peacemaking session between the two groups? Considering human nature, people are usually willing to make concessions if they at least believe they’ve had a chance to be truly heard.

  14. these regimes all across America are going to get what is coming to them for the poison they have been putting in our bodies for all these years. they wanted to inject children with vaccines loaded with mercury to damage their brains, well, those infants who couldn’t defend themselves are now growing up brain damaged and they aren’t going to be capable of understanding all the new oppressive laws being forced on them. they are going to snap and we are going to wish we could go back to just yelling and arguing in the courtroom. we reap what we sow and what we have sown in this society is a bunch of t.v. headed brain damaged people who are going to use violence to get what they want. good job America, poison your children thinking you are going to be able to make them tax/debt slaves just like you were…God has other plans for these people who are “shaping” our society.

  15. Not sure what is worse, these illegals that are standing up for education in America, or the fact that natural American’s are not there doing the arguing for education. I know, I know, they are not ALL illegal. But still.

  16. freaking illegals….unreal try this in their country and see what happens…..unreal….get out of MY country….thay are fucking animals

  17. If you research this issue, it has to do with bigotry. The opposition organizers want an ALL Hispanic Board & ALL Hispanic members. It was never about equality, it was always about superiority. SHAMEFUL

  18. If as stated she the mayor is leaving office the next day then she should NOT be trying to load the board of education with her favourites that should be the perogative of the next mayor

  19. They’re all just Hispanic immigrants. Wtf. All of them combined, they haven’t paid the taxes to have an opinion. And that’s why they’re acting like 3rd world animals. I hate immigration.

  20. I have no freaking clue what was happening in this meeting. All i saw was the board trying to talk to animals. This is what we call a civilized country? lol

  21. Pass out free Donkeys in the parking lot it will get real quiet in there real quick…

  22. I just realized that these people screaming like animals are Hispanic……that explains everything.

  23. I understand being upset and standing up for something you want and believe in, but to act like complete animals is just nonsense. Come on people! Do you really think the way you were behaving solves anything. Apparently not!

  24. Idiotas dont seem to understand what the rule of law means. If the outgoing mayor gets to exercise appointments that’s part of the checks and balances of government. Mob rule must never prevail. The stupid woman in pink claims its an illegal meeting. Based on what? That the people in attendance dont want it? That isn’t how government works.

  25. From my understanding, the people are uoset because this meeting is taken place whike there is some or might be infraction s happening on the current BOE and have been for a while. They want to postpone the meeting, that is all, so the question is, will the board postpone to allow for transparency? And a 3rd of America was once Mexican territory, Mexican American. There was life before the Constitution, we don’t get to disregard the people killed to steal this land.

  26. Oh my gosh. Just shut up already…. O.e.. We want our rights.. bla bla
    bla… Learn some manners first and we will hear you out..

  27. I wish we had this compassion in my country. We LET our officials railroad
    us all the time. Well done NY.

  28. This is why white people don’t go there it’s nothing but a Circus with a
    bunch of screaming children this is why I take my kids to a private school

  29. White people think every hispanic person is mexican.Most of the people here
    commenting consider watching nascar as growing up with culture.

  30. As you can see the mayor is hispanic. These people are upset because the
    cost of living is so high and the amount of corruption going on in the

  31. This is disgraceful. You expect the kids to act civilized but the parents
    act like they’ve never been in public before and show NO respect for the
    hearings? What a joke these people are.

  32. I am an American with latin heritage and wish the ignorance of those
    countries wouldn’t make it into our political realm. Thanks democrats for
    your terrible way in controlling our borders!

  33. You want to know why it doesn’t work in latin america? I hate to make
    racists look good…but…how does one explain this being the future of

  34. doesnt anyone speak english in west new york. Thank you Obama for letting
    America be over run by people that will not or cannot speak the language of
    the founding fathers. its just a zoo

  35. This is ridiculous. Three ring circus behavior on everyone’s part. I’ll
    stay in private school thanks. People conduct themselves accordingly there.

  36. It would be nice if they spoke English. But the brief notes above say the
    mayor appoints the school board. So what kind of system is that?
    Non-elected board? The outgoing mayor appointed his lackeys the day he left
    office, sounds like a power play big time. New mayor has no say. I would
    be pissed to if I was in the community. Looks like the community is
    primarily Hispanic but the board is mostly white, another problem.

    Though the manner of protest is not the best I can appreciate them being
    upset about the political way it was done and the make up of the board.

    You sure can’t say they aren’t concerned about the education of their kids,
    at least they are involved.

  37. Some you people are shaming on the people in the meeting yet you
    automatically assume that because of there skin color there illegal calling
    them disgusting look in a mirror

  38. Ah law.. you don’t have to like it, but that doesn’t make any less legal
    as an action. If you want to change it, elect an official that supports
    your views. Acting as a mass mob, with no respect for a legal meeting, for
    a legal decision already made, is about as mature as throwing a shoe at
    them. This is what happens when the uninformed masses think they know what
    is legal or not. This is an example of the type of chaos that can ensue
    when the masses have no respect for government. This is something you
    would expect to see in the streets during a march for a feeling of
    injustice, not in the venue of a formal meeting about a decision already
    made. Pretty pathetic, childish, disrespectful, and certainly degrading
    any credibility of the point the group was trying to make. For those
    leaders in the group that grabbed the microphone and bullhorn, you were one
    step away from inciting a riot, and should be ashamed of yourself. I would
    expect something like this from an Iraqi Parliament meeting, but not in
    America. Grow up, come to the real world where just because you don’t like
    a legal decision that was made you don’t kick and scream like a child, get
    organized, elect officials that support your views, and only THEN will the
    rest of the mature, real world take you seriously.

  39. Welcome to 3rd World USA.

    Do people not understand that if you fill the USA up with 3rd World trash
    like niggers and mestizos then the USA will become a 3rd World hell hole?

  40. Why do white people whine so much? Huge sense of entitlement and when they
    don’t get their way, can’t be the boss, can’t be on top, they cry like 6
    year old girls. I have had to fire so many lazy fat whiny union rednecks
    from my company and replace them with hard-working immigrants (from
    everywhere such as Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Eastern Europe etc).

    Stop whining you white entitlement spoiled rednecks.

  41. Hey, Latinos. It doesn’t matter who is on the board of education. Teach
    your kids to read from age 0-5. Then engage with them with their homework
    like the Asians do. Then you wouldn’t give a shit who is on the board
    because your kids would end up at the best colleges. But instead you play
    victim like some school board member is going to make a difference in your
    kid’s education. Take care of your own problems. School board members are

  42. Hey, Latinos. It doesn’t matter who is on the board of education. Teach
    your kids to read from age 0-5. Then engage with them with their homework
    like the Asians do. Then you wouldn’t give a shit who is on the board
    because your kids would end up at the best colleges. But instead you play
    victim like some school board member is going to make a difference in your
    kid’s education. Take care of your own problems. School board members are

  43. I never enjoyed being in the West New York educational system, they were
    always power hungry.

  44. Democracy isn’t pretty and it’s not supposed to be. As to Donchichi’s
    heritage, I doubt if all of HIS progenitors came here legally, and if they
    did, didn’t they bring their “heritage” with them? Yah, Latinos get hot
    about their freedom, because where ever they originated they know what it’s
    like to be denied those basic freedoms and so, cherish them all the more
    strongly. THIS is what America’s about Donchichi.

  45. This is the result of demoncrat wanting the United States to be just like
    all the other countries of the world with no respect for law and order.
    Thank you for making us little Mexico democrats and liberals.

  46. LMAO, at 7:39, that one man didn’t show up with jack to say, but he brought
    that whistle to blow….he’s been looking for an excuse to use that thing
    for years! haha!

  47. What if over 1/2 of those people didn’t even live there, they were just
    looking for a place to yell and a good excuse to make some posters….how
    funny would that be, if it were true? I want a good place to yell and make
    some posters, when’s the next meeting? lol

  48. Those folks chose one noisy place to hold their meeting, I wonder what it
    sounds like in the library in that town. I’m picturing there’s a stereo
    blasting at full volume at all times, empty shelves and just one big pile
    of books in the middle of the room.

  49. In America, our school systems are quickly turning to shit over corruption
    and incompetent leadership. This NEEDS to be happening everywhere in this

  50. America “is” immigration, get off your high horses and respect the people
    you share this country with. For every person that says “they need to learn
    english” might want to consider looking back into american history, maybe
    then you’ll realize how “doltish” you sound.

  51. i dont understand how un-elected people have the right to dictate how tax
    money is spent. surely if they are not elected then they are a private body
    and as such should have to raise their own funds. that being said if they
    are a private body how can they be running state school’s surely the local
    government and the people have a right to elect those that would run the
    schools in the public interest and not in the interest of their own private
    gain and should each person only be able to serve once maybe twice to
    ensure honesty.