Was Governor Christie right to veto the $15 Minimum Wage?

seiu2In New York City they don’t have a $15 minimum wage in effect yet. The store managers are already acting as if they do. Ask anyone who works as a store clerk and they say:

• My boss is a lot nastier;

• If I get sick I’m told I will lose my shifts. I’m afraid I will get fired

• They threatened to replace me with machines

• They threatened to hire illegals

• They asked me to work off the books

Is this a worse threat?

• My boss said he could get three younger, hotter girls to be (unpaid) interns. (Message received.)

This is the worst:

• He told me they’re “increasing my compensation” but my job is now commission based.

The store managers and owners don’t care about how hard it is for young workers who don’t necessarily have families to raise. The young ones are in their twenties in college, maybe grad students in their thirties. Not too many teenagers. Trying to pay tuition or pay off old school debt isn’t the same as having a few kids.

It’s worse. When you have kids, you get benefits. There’s the earned income credit, food stamps and rent subsidies. Students and young workers end up living four in a two bedroom, eating Ramen noodles.

A lot of bosses are jerks. However, making them pay workers more is just going to make them bigger jerks.

It’s also going to make some of the workers getting $15 an hour with no skills, no degree, bigger jerks.

They’re already laughing at us (those of us with degrees) because they were lazy, maybe they got arrested, and they look at us and they say, they have an easier time than us after we spend years more in school. These people are cretins, gangbangers, covered in tattoos and that teardrop under their eye, and they smirk at us as if to say, “Losers!” (There’s a worse term in Spanish: it’s “Pendejos.”)

They’re right! We stayed clean, didn’t get knocked up, spent years more in school and now we’re supposed to make just a few dollars more than some fry cook?

So we will resent any raise in the minimum wage. We get treated harshly at work and now we have to take attitude from these people with no skills? It’s already happening. Customer service has gotten bad. It’s like everyone in the private sector thinks they work at the DMV.

These losers don’t deserve $15 and I don’t want to reward these jerks for screwing up everything and then having US pay for them.

The jerks (the “bros”)  are already coming over to New Jersey. We are fresh meat for them. If New Jersey goes to a $15 minimum wage we will have more jerks over here.

So raising the minimum wage to $15 will help some people get votes. Those people already get plenty of money, with their families on this public job or that. Chris Christie doesn’t see that there are two New Jerseys. One is working several gigs (gigs, because they aren’t jobs and they aren’t careers), and the second is just getting fat off the state. One doesn’t have pensions or good health care, but pays for the pensions and the healthcare of the other. Getting welfare or getting a “state paycheck” doesn’t look any different to us.

If we’re going to have to share apartments and deal with jerks in Jersey, why put up with the hour long commute (one way) on these dirty buses or on the PATH? (And what’s up with that? How do you have delays on a two track system?)

Better to move back to New York.


  1. Yes he was right to veto the raise. Who do you think is gonna pay for it? Everyone will have to raise their prices to pass the cost on or fire people to be able to cover the cost. Does someone flipping burgers at McDonald’s deserve 15.00 and hour? The idea is to work hard to advance to a better paying job not make more money then most people just because you got out of high school.

    • Lorraine who is going to pay these people their salary ? Do you really think people aren’t going to lose their jobs, most supermarkets have self check outs and some McDonald’s or Wendy’s have them also. Prices will also go up as no store is gonna pay more without raising prices. No company is gonna keep the same costs with out passing it on to the consumer. You sound like someone who just wants a hand out instead of working hard a person flipping burgers would make more then someone in the military or many jobs.

    • What will be the effects of going from 10/hr to 15 / hr?? Perhaps economists and those well educated have thought about it…If I make 20/hr and all of a sudden the 10/hr gets a 50percent hike…should not o get one too? Know what that’s called?? Inflation…nothing more…get educated for more money..periid

    • You obviouly have never worked in fast food restaurant at all. You think its easy dealing with people? Some people, like myself can afford to go to school, so they have no choice but to work in fast food to support there family.

    • I have worked in fast food so I know exactly what you are talking about. Honestly any job that pays minimum wage is not suppose to be a life long job. They are entry level jobs and you are suppose to advance by working hard or getting a different job. The economy is horrible and will only get worse so be happy with what you have, work hard to move up and become manager in the fast food place. I didn’t start a family when I only had a minimum wage job, you will never be able to do that, where does everybody think this money is going to come from for people to make 15.00 an hour? It will either force a small business to close or to let workers Go because they can’t afford it or they will raise prices. When gas went up to 4.00 a gallon a few years ago any company that used fuel added a surcharge (ups,FedEx,airlines, etc) the money doesn’t magically appear. Do you know a nypd officer starts at around 24,000 a year. Do you think a person at McDonald’s should make the same?

    • Working minimum wage was never meant to be a career and raise a family on. This is what people forget. It is made for minimum skill workers (high school students) to make some cash while learning responsibility. PERIOD

  2. Yes. I’m a welder which is a skilled trade. I didn’t start at 15. Took me years. You mean to tell me an entry level welder and a fry cook are gonna get paid the same money. If you have no ambition stay in an entry level job like fast food. Wanna make more money either go to college or learn a skilled trade

  3. I think what he should do, is make company’s give back these jobs to high school students!!! Get these kids off the street and back into the workforce!! These positions at McDonald’s and fast food place, that people are demanding this amount of money, aren’t positions for lifetime careers for adults. Their teen positions to get their foot in the workforce!!
    But the minimum wage should be raised for someplace that corporate is a billion dollar industry!
    Some Companies make enough to pay a minimum wage of at least $9.99 in this state! Lowe’s,
    Home Depot, McDonald’s, Burger King, food stores, they all make it, to give it without an increase for their greed, to pass it along to consumers pockets.