At about 1: 00 a.m. on 9/12/2016 the suspect was reportedly driving a 2016 red Dodge and was involved in an accident near the entrance of the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan.

A motorist informed PAPD officers that the driver drove off after the accident and told officers the make model and license number of the vehicle reportedly involved in the accident. A uniformed PAPD officer located the suspect and instructed him to pull over .

The suspect ignored the officer and drove off into the tunnel. The suspect was stopped after exiting the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City at Marin Blvd and 14 Street. A PAPD officer approached the suspect’s car, advised him of the reported accident and asked the suspect to pull over.

The suspect drove off at a high rate of speed. About 5 minutes later PAPD learned that the suspect had been involved in a crash in Hoboken where he had mounted the side walk and crashed into a store front at 800 Madison Avenue.

Port Authority police arrived at the accident scene and arrested the suspect without incident.

Arrested: Keith A. Cook-34

Seattle Washington

Charges: DWI, Eluding, Obstruction, Reckless driving, Traffic summonses