Washington Street Completes Street Redesign

“Washington Street is a very traversed street and what people don’t realize if they don’t live here is — it’s got a lot of vehicular traffic,” says longtime resident Mary Ondrejka. “It’s also a mess; it’s very cluttered.“

Ondrejka says putting bike paths on the street is a serious problem.

“I love bikes, I ride a bike; but Washington Street, you’re gonna have deaths.”

The City of Hoboken invited members of the community to the final public meeting for the Washington Street redesign.

It’s designated a great street by the American Planning Association. But like all great places, needs upkeep to properly address safety and accommodate all types of transportation.

A Chicago transplant, Josh Varga was taken aback when he moved to town.

“One of the first things that struck me was how outdated and kinda unsafe Washington Street was with the poor visibility of the traffic lights, the bad general street lighting, etc. – so I’m excited to see them making a lot of steps in the right direction.”

Mayor Dawn Zimmer says she’s extremely hopeful the council will give the project the green light this time and eventually come forward with a bond.

“Because I think there’s been a real demonstration that things like pedestrian safety are really important. Things like lighting are really important to the community and we want to make it happen,” the mayor says.

Construction could start in 2015, with a $14 million price tag… dependent on the council’s decision of course.

Jillian Risberg, HCTV