Hundreds of Weehawken students, their families, and town officials gathered on the night of April 8th of 2016, to watch Weehawken High School’s production of The Little Mermaid. The students in the band, as well as the stage crew, thought that this was Weehawken’s most successful play to date, as well as their largest crowd.

Town officials were also very proud of the production and said that the people of Weehawken, as well as a large group of Weehawken High school students, were very involved in the production.

Many were impressed with the students’ advanced Tech work, as well as their performances.

Funding is acquired through student fundraising, production funds, as well as contributions made by the town and board of education. The students work alongside “Inside Broadway,” which manages the production and costs an estimated $15,000 a year.

The students put on the entire show, under the direction of “Inside Broadway,” and handle costumes, makeup, lights, building sets, changing sets, back stage managing, performing in the PIT, and performing on stage.